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The Way We Celebrate our Anniversary.


On Saturday March 28, 2015, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary of my husband. Actually, on that date when we became lovers. Our Wedding Anniversary is on March 26, 2013 so we have been married for two years!

Finally! We’ve celebrated our 3rd anniversary for the first time that we have together. Our previous anniversary we’re not together is it because we are too busy at our own job and we are in a Long Distance Relationship in short LDR LOL hanggang ngayon naman e LDR pa rin.  

When he came home from his work, we go to the mall and buy a cake and some snacks. So this is the cake here we bought.


anniv 3


That was the cake, that looks like a birthday cake right?  lol.




anniv 2



That was our photo taken before we eat the cake. That time we are so shy like a teen haha lol, we aren’t teen anymore to act like that.


That night, guess what we are doing? Ryan ( hubby )  is playing his COC or Clash of Clans  while I watched him to his war at COC.

Here’s the photo he was so serious while I’m taking a selfie with him haha…


anniv 6

anniv 7

anniv 8


anniv 4

anniv 5



After that, we watched movie and take a snacks.

So you guys? How do you celebrate your anniversary with your hubby?


I’m not good at English grammar I admit it, so if you saw a mistake/wrong grammar let me know thank you. 🙂





  1. eliz frank

    Happy Anniversary to you! Wishing you blessings for many more.

    06 . Apr . 2015
  2. eliz frank

    Sending you very Happy Anniversary Blessings! You look great together. 🙂

    01 . Apr . 2015
  3. Lubna Naz

    Awesome pictures, you guys seems so in love and happy. My best wishes to you and stay bless!n

    01 . Apr . 2015
  4. tony greene

    I’m no longer married. but when I was I took the anniversary very serious and not one time in 17 years did I forget.nCongratulations and many more.

    01 . Apr . 2015
  5. Roz K. Walker

    Congratulations! You two make a lovely couple. And it sounds like you had a fun celebration.

    01 . Apr . 2015
  6. Jessica

    Happy Anniversary! You guys look so cute!

    31 . Mar . 2015
  7. Rebecca Swenor

    Happy anniversary to you both. We always just go out to eat and than watch a movie. Of course we are not married now but we were. We are still together after a brief brake up. So we consider it still like 25 yrs. I love the cake. nThanks for sharing.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  8. M from K&M: The Stay-at-home Life

    Happy anniversary! We celebrate differently each year.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  9. katrina g

    So cute! glad you guys could spend an anniversary together. hope you have many more to come.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  10. Mariana

    Happy anniversary! You two look so young. That cake looks great!

    31 . Mar . 2015
  11. Czjai

    Happy Anniversary! May you share more wonderful years together. 🙂

    31 . Mar . 2015
  12. Pamela

    The Anniversary of our first date is in a few days–we like to go back to the restaurant we met at –but they knocked it down last Summer =( Our wedding Anniversary is over shadowed by our Son’s birthday now…born two days after our 6th year so we don’t do much because it’s all about him.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  13. Heather

    Our anniversary is coming up in April. We’ll probably order in from somewhere or go out to eat.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  14. Uplifting Families

    I hope that you had a wonderful anniversary. I love the cake too.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  15. Erinn S

    Ours is a date night-dinner and maybe the Casino.

    31 . Mar . 2015
  16. Bismah

    Happy Anniversary! Your cake looks delicious and you both look so happy!

    30 . Mar . 2015
  17. Esther

    You look like such a cut couple. I love the cake and the photos. My husband try and go out to eat somewhere for our anniversary. Mostly we just try to at least dedicate a couple of hours to celebrate doing something together.

    30 . Mar . 2015
  18. Corina Ramos

    Happy anniversary! You guys look great together. The hubs and I celebrated 23 years on Valentine’s Day. We had a nice dinner at a friends house, had some wine and great conversation and of course a dessert :).

    Wishing you many happy years!

    30 . Mar . 2015
  19. Jessica Harlow

    I think it’s great that you celebrate even in the little ways and enjoy your anniverary! Congratulations! Here’s to many more!

    30 . Mar . 2015
  20. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    Your English is so much better than mine would be if I had to learn a second language. Happy Anniversary to you both, you are the most adorable couple ever. The cake looks so delicious and they decorated it so cute. I don’t have an anniversary anymore, I divorced 24 years ago and decided I would never remarry or I’d probably end up in jail for killing someone :).

    30 . Mar . 2015
  21. Liz Mays

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! I’m all for celebrations involving delicious cake like that. 🙂

    30 . Mar . 2015

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