1. maria

    I would love to learn how to apply a proper blush on my round face 🙂

    20 . Jul . 2015
  2. Mark

    These are actually great tips for women.

    11 . Jul . 2015
  3. melgie

    Thank you for this info. Sis- don’t have any knowledge about make-up so this blogpost really help. Love also the make-up posted!:)

    09 . Jul . 2015
  4. Mommy Maye

    Thinking of using blush on too. Thank you for this. This sure will help me as I don’t know how to use it hehe.

    09 . Jul . 2015
  5. theresa

    I rarely put blush on the face but I have a whole palette dedicated for blushes.

    09 . Jul . 2015
  6. Marie

    I like to learn contouring. I think the last product is good.

    09 . Jul . 2015
  7. Allan

    Nice tips but this don’t apply with me though. hehehe

    08 . Jul . 2015
  8. Peachy

    This is an awesome infographic! very helpful!

    08 . Jul . 2015
  9. Michelle Co

    This is a very helpful tip and will greatly help those who are not much of a pro in grooming their faces.

    07 . Jul . 2015
  10. Shelly

    Thanks for the tips, I need these badly. lol!

    07 . Jul . 2015
  11. Ron

    Great tutorial! For sure many will love this and find this truly helpful.

    06 . Jul . 2015
  12. Katrina Centeno

    For somebody who does not wear makeup and who does not know how to put makeup on, it all looks the same to me. I need step by step guide. hehehe

    06 . Jul . 2015
  13. Vera

    Im not sure my original comment was posted so here i go again 🙂
    Good that you can give tips on makeup, all i know is to apply powder a bit of blush and lipstick! that’s it!

    06 . Jul . 2015
  14. JanzCrystalz/January

    I think I’ll go for oval, I am not into make-up but sometimes use a cheek tint for a change.

    05 . Jul . 2015
  15. Elizabeth O.

    These are great tips. I’m not good with makeup and this will help a lot. Thanks!

    04 . Jul . 2015
  16. Tondo Gil

    I had learned applying make up through these kinds of illustrations. Since i love make ups I tend to check out the latest color palettes and newest trends on applying it.

    03 . Jul . 2015
  17. Dominique Goh

    There are so many different colors.. must be fun to mix and match colors.

    03 . Jul . 2015
  18. Michi

    I don’t know how to apply blush on so I only use cheek tint but thanks for sharing this tip.

    03 . Jul . 2015
  19. ceemee

    I don’t really know how to apply make-up. I don’t even know what my face shape is. Also, what is the best color for my complexion. Hehe!

    01 . Jul . 2015
  20. Vera

    I’ve a really round face and NO Idea about make up, I do put on powder, blush and lipstick and that’s it!

    01 . Jul . 2015

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