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Get Fit with Fit Tea.


Hello fellow bloggers, what is your new year resolution this coming 2016? If it’s getting fit your new year resolution this would be perfect for you and we are have the same new year resolution. 

Fit Tea 28 Detox


Fit Tea has contain a organic green tea. Fit Tea promotes weightloss by increasing your metabolism with Green Tea.

“That’s what I love in the Fit Tea, it contains organic tea and this is really perfect for me because I love drinking tea.

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox

Fit Tea have been used all over the world. Because it has health benefits and these are:

  1. Promotes Fat Burning.

2.Promotes Loss of Body Weight.

3.Boost Immune System.

4.Found to have Antimicrobial Properties.

5.Promotes & Soothes Digestion.



Organic green tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Pomegranate, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Stevia, Honey, Fuarana, Citric Acid, Sea Salt (electrolytes), Lemon Juice, Matcha Green Tea.



How and When do I drink Tea? 

Drink the tea every morning with or without breakfast daily.

How do I make the tea?

Place 1 teabag (2 grams) in to a cup of near boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remove strainer and enjoy. (Cold or Hot)

Does the tea contain caffeine?

Yes, the Fit Tea does contain caffeine due to some of the ingredients. The caffeine is measured to one cup of coffee.

Fit Tea is made 100% in USA. It’s free shipping in USA only.


Start your Day Right with Fit Tea.  






  1. Rosey Marie

    I like the flavor of fit tea. The subtle citrus flavor makes me happy.

    06 . Jan . 2016
  2. Coralie

    I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds really cool I love the idea. Going to have to look for it next time I am at the store.

    05 . Jan . 2016
  3. Valerie Gray (@valmg)

    I’ve spoken with my doctor and he’s always advised against detoxes for me. how is this tea different, it sounds like regular tea?

    05 . Jan . 2016
  4. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I definitely want to get fit this year and I will start with Fit Tea. I’ve used it in the past with great results.

    05 . Jan . 2016
  5. Tori Gabriel

    I’ve tried this tea before and I enjoyed it but there are other teas out there that don’t comtain caffeine.

    05 . Jan . 2016
  6. geanine

    I actually have this tea and it does taste very good, and is much better for us than coffee.

    03 . Jan . 2016
  7. livingoffloveandcoffee

    I love drinking Oolong teas. This sounds like something I would like the taste of, and it’s great that it helps with immunity.

    01 . Jan . 2016
  8. Shantha Wetterhan

    I need this tea!!! I love fitness, but have gained a few holiday pounds. This tea could help me. 🙂

    31 . Dec . 2015
  9. Adriana

    I’ve been considering trying this, especially since I don’t drink coffee! I’m going to have to try this!

    31 . Dec . 2015
  10. Dhemz

    I tried this product before, and sad to say it’s not for me. I would love to get fit and start getting in shape in 2016.

    31 . Dec . 2015
  11. tauyanm

    i always been wanting to try this tea but somehow there something that stopping me for getting this hahaha i see this everywhere and with positive reviews. hopefully i can work it out and get one myself

    30 . Dec . 2015
  12. Travel Blogger

    I have never heard of this. I need to try some. I love tea and I could definitely use a detox.

    30 . Dec . 2015
  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I’ve been drinking Oolong tea for quite some time and it does help with digestion. I would love to try Fit Tea Detox because it has other healthy ingredients. I love that it uses Stevia as the sweetener.

    30 . Dec . 2015
  14. Maureen

    I think I’ve seen this on Instagram before. Looks like a great product. Have you try it yet?

    30 . Dec . 2015
  15. Elizabeth O.

    I love tea better than coffee! This would be a good addition to my diet. They’ve always been known for detoxifying anyway, so this is not bad at all.

    30 . Dec . 2015
  16. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    I drink tea every morning so this would be easy for me to incorporate into my routine.

    30 . Dec . 2015
  17. Liz Mays

    It’s the perfect time of year to make some healthy changes. Fit Tea could be perfect for some healthy New Year’s resolutions.

    30 . Dec . 2015
  18. Shalama

    How long have you drank Fit Tea? I don’t drink much tea in my fitness journey or at all because I feel the need to have to put sugar in it. And as I continue to train for figure competitions, sugar is a no-no.

    29 . Dec . 2015
  19. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have heard great things about this. I have been wanting to try it for a while now.

    29 . Dec . 2015

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