It’s almost Christmas, and I can’t wait for our Noche Buena, hope there’s Lechon in our table! I love this season, even if the climate is cold, the people are so warm! During this time too, I have so many work load which I am very thankful! What excites me with this season is the Metro Manila Film Festival. I already told you how we love watching movies on our weekend dates. At least once a month we watch movie together, and my son love the experiences! We just recently watched the Super Parental Guardians weeks ago, and the movie is so hilarious! I love the humor of Vice Ganda and the two kids. Coco Martin is a hunk; please don’t tell my hubby about it! The moment I heard that the film is not included in the MMFF 2016, I am a little bit sad but at the same time excited because the screening dates are sooner and we don’t have to wait for Christmas.

I find all the movies in MMFF 2016 as excellent films. Although I am a little bit surprised that the usual movies are not included in the said festival. After watching the trailers for the films, I still can’t decide which movies we will watch as we cannot afford to watch all of them but I already have some lineups. You can also help me decide or these trailer reviews might help you to decide which ones are better. Let’s see which movies will get the loudest applaud from the audience, and I will do the review in alphabetical order, and it has no bearing at all!

Movie #1: Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2: Forever Is Not Enough

I love that Hugot Lupasay level! Eugene Domingo is Eugene Domingo, and no one can steal that crown on her! I like the first movie, so I think there is no way that I will not like this one. The movie is so cute, and I am so glad that there is a part two, I will watch this but not with my son.

Movie #2: Die Beautiful

The movie is so intriguing! I love the makeup transformation of Paolo Ballesteros; he is so talented. I can sense that the movie is a mixed of drama, comedy, and even horror! I love that last scene, although it is a little bit creepy to take a photo beside a corpse inside a coffin.

Movie #3: Kabisera

My grandma loves Nora Aunor. The movie seems more intriguing and full of suspense. I am so surprised that it is based on a true story, I can sense a political issue here. I can’t imagine it happening to my family!

Movie #4: Oro

Based on the trailer, sounds like another political movie. I hate how corrupt politicians are hunger for power, but I salute those who are patriotic. This movie looks so promising.

Movie #5: Saving Sally

The movie is so interesting! Hubby and I are looking forward to watching it. Probably because we are both born in a generation who loves anime. The first time I saw the trailer, I giggled! The animation is so interesting too, tons of hard work!

Movie #6: Seklusyon

I may need to ask my cousin about Catholic rituals. The movie is so intriguing; I have goose bumps when I am watching the trailer. I can’t afford to watch it alone, may need some friends along. I heard so many miracles happened, but I haven’t witnessed any and I have no interest if it will lead me to a true to life horror, yikes!

Movie #7: Sunday Beauty Queen

A documentary type of movie in MMFF?! Wow, that’s new! Anyways, this MMFF is surprising. I like the genre of this movie. It is nice to know that there are films like this who tell us the stories behind OFW’s successes and sacrifices.

Movie #8: Vince & Kath & James

I am an avid fan of the text series that has been viral to FB about Vince and Kath, so I can’t wait to see this movie. Although, there are some alterations. The movie is very millennial type! The trailer makes me kilig, and I will surely watch this movie.

How about you? What are the movies in the upcoming MMFF 2016 you will most likely to watch? I think all of them deserve being in the festival. Now, I can’t wait which movie will hit the #1 in blockbuster! See you at theaters this coming Christmas! I think, Christmas in Pinas is never complete without watching a movie together with loved ones. For our family, it has been a tradition, and when we were younger, all of us cousins are watching our preferred movies.



Oh, my gosh! Liza Soberano is so stunning, I love her look at the recent Star Magic Ball. Although it was a few months ago, I am still stunned by her beauty. I want to achieve her look but unfortunately, that gorgeous look is not suitable for me. Her face is so angelic and mine is the opposite of it, ha-ha! Kidding aside, I am eyeing off a glamorous look I want to mimic


Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body, we make every effort to keep it beautiful, glowing and flawless. However, due to the everyday negative factors such as the sun UV ray damages, dirt and air pollutants, bad habit of not washing before bedtime, unsuitable beauty products, current weather condition, and unhealthy food intake. These factors make our skin dull, unhealthy and annoying. Yes, it annoys me when my skin is flaky, dry or oily! I hate it when the temperature is humid or rainy! However, I recently discovered that the foods we ate had a huge part in what our skin have become. That is why I came up with taking notes of the foods that I should eat so I will have healthier skin.

I also learned about the skin types, it is important to know about your skin type so you can address it properly. If you still wonder what your skin type is, here is a brief description of each.

Skin Type:

  • Normal skin- you are so lucky to have this, I envy you! You have barely visible pores, glowing skin complexion (please take note that having light skin does not mean that you are glowing, people who have a darker shade of skin can also glow), and of course, very less or zero imperfections.
  • Oily skin- this is very common in puberty age, I had this when I was younger! You have this type when you have a shiny complexion and very prone to pimples.
  • Dry skin- usually people who lived in humid or tropical countries have this type. You will notice that you have flaky skin, rough and dull complexion.
  • Combination- I have this skin type, a combination of oily and dry skin. This is the most common type of skin in our country! Check your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) if it is oily and check the other parts of your face if they are dry then you have this skin type.
  • Sensitive skin- aw, I don’t want this skin type, sounds complicated to me. If you are very sensitive from the heat and cold temperature, have flaky skin, and easily get rashes or redness of the skin, your skin type is sensitive.
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Now, after you have identified your skin type, you can easily determine which products you should buy and what kind of diet you are going to have. I listed the foods that I need to eat, regardless the skin type, these foods are essential to have healthier and glowing skin!

Feed Your Skin With The Right Food:

  • Dark chocolate- I am not a huge fan of this type of chocolate, but I started my switch. I am a big fan of milk chocolate, but I find out that dark chocolates are very rich in flavanols, an antioxidant that helps keep the skin hydrated. I am loving it now!
  • Oatmeal- I love this in the morning, mixed with some fresh fruits and honey! Oatmeal is great for skin healing, I also have an oatmeal soap! Great as an anti-wrinkle agent too!
  • Tomatoes- I love tomatoes, whether raw or cooked but I found out that lycopene in tomatoes will only be potent if cooked. So I always include tomatoes when I am cooking our food. Tomatoes help us improve our protection from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Apple- Oh, lucky me, I love apples! This fruit is very rich in Vitamin C which is essential in making our skin healthy.
  • Soy- Good thing, I love soy drink and soybean curd. This food will help reduce hyperpigmentation and also helps in getting a glowing complexion.
  • Carrots- If you want to have healthier and fair complexion, eat more carrots which have a higher content of carotenoids.
  • Yogurt- This yummy treat helps prevent wrinkles, making the skin firm. I will add this to my daily diet!
  • Walnuts- This nut is my favorite, although a little bit expensive. It is so rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids that make skin even elastic.
  • Sunflower seeds- I love this seed, so yummy! This food is so rich in vitamin E which is an essential to making the skin glow and keep protected from the sun.
  • Green Tea- I love milk tea, but I never knew that green tea is very beneficial for the skin. It helps fight inflammation and redness.

yogurt-1442034 yogurt-1786329

Foods You Should Avoid:

  • Junk foods- This is a total no, no! You will not get any nutrients that your skin needs with junk foods, it will also make your skin dehydrated.
  • Coffee- The caffeine in coffee can trigger acne and pimple breakouts. Stay away from caffeinated coffee and choose decaf organic coffee. I am trying to stay away from coffee, this is hard for me!
  • Soft drinks- This type of drink is very rich in caffeine and sugar. Just like coffee, caffeine is bad for the skin. You can still have soft drinks, chose for caffeine-less soft drinks, but still watch out for the sugar! The refined sugar found in soft drinks can cause inflammation and make damage to the skin.
  • Fatty foods- This type of food is not good for our skin, it will result in a dull complexion.
  • Sweet goodies- Just like soft drinks, sweet goodies are very rich in refined sugar, which is not good for the skin.
  • Alcohol- This type of drink intoxicates the body. It will leave your body dehydrated and that has a great effect on the skin.
  • Grilled meats- These foods make your skin look and feel old. Yikes, I love BBQ!
  • Salty foods- These foods will cause acne breakouts and dehydrated the skin, making it deprived of the right amount of fluids it needs.
  • Fried foods- I love fried foods, I am good at cooking them! Ha-ha, but I have to avoid it as it will make damages on my skin. Aside from it, it will make the skin look puffy and dry.
  • Dairy- This is really bad for people with oily skin. Avoid dairy products as much as possible, look for dairy-free milk like almond milk to be safe.

As much as I want to eat these avoid foods, but I shouldn’t! I want to take care of my skin while I am still in my mid 20’s, I don’t want to regret when I reach my 50’s. Women, disregard the age, should always take care of our skin. I regret some of my scars when I was a kid, I know how careless I am when I am young! But when I learned about this stuff, I am so careful with what I am eating. I don’t just turn my diet upside down in an instant, but it is still in the process. As much as possible, I avoid eating outside. I also have a list of these foods in our kitchen so it will keep me reminded of the foods that I need to eat to have a healthier, glowing skin!

Nicole Escat