“Are he still wearing a diaper at night?”

“Is he not yet ready to pee or poop by himself?”

“He’s already a grown up, teach him!”

“When are you going to buy a potty training for him?”

“You are such a lazy mom, it is easy to potty train a toddler!”

I hear all these questions almost every day from my friends and relatives. At first, I feel like it is okay to hear this, but later on, I am starting to get offended as they bombard me with such questions and statements. Then I asked myself, what’s wrong with my son, why is he not yet into potty training readiness? Or what’s wrong with me- am I the one who is delaying my son’s potty training? Suddenly,


There are many things that have changed in my life ever since I become independent. I can make my own decisions. I can be a better person if I want to, I have to admit it that I have a horrible past. I am a product of a broken family or should I say, a second family as I tackled it on my biggest regrets.

My childhood was not the typical happy and carefree childhood many of you have. I am always careful with the words that I utter and I am always limited in my actions. I feel like I am no equal to my cousins. I feel like an outcast in the family. I feel bad and sad when I was a child.

I learned that my family is not the first and legal family of my father. Once in a while, those memories are still lingering in my mind. I am hurt, but I am brave enough to face it when I was young. I also learned that I have 5 other siblings; 4 sisters and a brother. It could have been a very exciting childhood, learning that I am not the eldest in the family and I have 4 big sisters! With that, I can go carefree as I want to be and play with my big sisters. My expectations did not happen, pains keep hurting me and so as hard and terrible words that pierced my heart.

I’ve kept those pains in my heart, but I later realized that it is not helping me. So, I decided to move on- slowly  but surely. Time has passed and wounds are healing. My sisters and I are having a little conversation through Facebook. At first, it was a very awkward moment. Yes, can you imagine it? I don’t know about them.

When we saw each other in person, it was a few years ago and we talked to each other but not like a normal sister-bonding moment. Maybe, it is normal in our case. I am very thankful in their response and acceptance. It is so hard to be in this situation, trust me.

Sometimes, I am thinking of visiting my sisters or do some bonding with them, but I am skeptical about it in due respect to their mother. Maybe, one of these days I will have the guts of doing it. My father’s mistake has hurt a lot of people, but I know God has a plan for everything.

Right now, we communicate regularly via Facebook and I think our wounds deep inside our hearts are totally healed. I can truly say that I moved on from my terrible past and my post about my biggest regret had just ended.

I am not anymore that little girl that I used to be… I will not let my past situation dictate who am I going to be. I am now a woman- tough, confident and wiser.




When I was a child, I used to adore my aunties’ skin. They are in their 30’s and 40’s when I was on my reckless days. They all have fair and flawless skin, maybe because of our Chinese blood. During my childhood days, I am not cautious with what I do. I just go play and be careless as I can be outside the house. I ended up getting wounds when I was a child and that drives my grandma crazy. She told me that when I get older, I will regret those times. Then, after so many years I found out that my grandma is totally correct! My skin is not as flawless as my aunties! I got scars on my legs. Good thing that I found helpful products that keep my skin healthier than before. I tried so many things and


Last weekend, we watched “Finding Dory” at a cinema near our house. It is not our first time to watch a movie together with our son, Moti. He is turning 3 this August. The very first time we watch a movie together, I was a little bit skeptical that he might go bored or uncontrollable. That time, he was a little bit younger and he still breastfeeds at me. I learned a lot from our very first experienced in watching a movie. That time, breastfeeding gives him comfort every time there is


It was raining hard these past few days and I am so lazy to go outside. My hubby will be mad at me if I will not do the grocery. Our pantry is still in stock, but our beauty essentials are already running out of stock and I also need a new lip tint for our weekend date! So, I browse the net and saw Beauty MNL’s Site. Perhaps hubby won’t get mad if I just shop online. I like shopping online and most of my dresses and makeup comes from sellers I just met on Facebook. However, I had a horrible experienced with a seller so


Every weekend I always make sure that I, hubby and our only son spent time together. We often stroll in the mall, do some shopping or grocery, watch a movie in the cinema, go to a zoo or a water park or in the arcade. Hubby and I worked for 6 days a week, so we make sure every Sunday, we have a well-spent day with our son. Although, it is quite expensive to go out every weekend. So, I decided to write some cheap to zero-expense


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