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“Are he still wearing a diaper at night?”

“Is he not yet ready to pee or poop by himself?”

“He’s already a grown up, teach him!”

“When are you going to buy a potty training for him?”

“You are such a lazy mom, it is easy to potty train a toddler!”

I hear all these questions almost every day from my friends and relatives. At first, I feel like it is okay to hear this, but later on, I am starting to get offended as they bombard me with such questions and statements. Then I asked myself, what’s wrong with my son, why is he not yet into potty training readiness? Or what’s wrong with me- am I the one who is delaying my son’s potty training? Suddenly,


Last weekend, we watched “Finding Dory” at a cinema near our house. It is not our first time to watch a movie together with our son, Moti. He is turning 3 this August. The very first time we watch a movie together, I was a little bit skeptical that he might go bored or uncontrollable. That time, he was a little bit younger and he still breastfeeds at me. I learned a lot from our very first experienced in watching a movie. That time, breastfeeding gives him comfort every time there is