My Simple Skin Care Regimen.

Hi there! I’m here again to tackle about good skin care that would you love for sure. 🙂



This iWhite Korea 2 minute whitening miracle was really good and effective to me. I’m gonna tell you how to use it. Just follow simple steps:


Step 1: Apply iwhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle in dry and cleanse face and spread it into your face, then wait for 2 minutes.

Step 2: After 2 minutes just gently massage your face in another minute.

Step 3: Wash off mask with water.





Applying iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream is my favorite! When you apply it onto your face, it feels fresh and not itchy at the same time. Apply it every morning and every evening.






And the last, the iWhite Korea Facial Cream, you can achieve glowing and healthy skin.  Actually “Hindi mo na kailangan ng make up because its make up base”.

Here’s my photo after using these three products:

A Busy Girl skin care (1)


As you can see it has a difference between Before and After. I took my Before photo before I used these 3 iWhite Korea Skin Care. Then after I used it, I took a after photo.




These 3 iWhite Korea skin care products are my favorite and I’m so thankful for making my skin looks glowing and healthier.


You can buy iWhite Korea Products in Watsons, Mercury Drug and 7 Eleven Nationwide.  It’s very affordable in each sachet!


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20 thoughts on “My Simple Skin Care Regimen.

  1. Korean beauty products are huge now, pretty much everyone has been talking about how effective they are. Thanks for sharing your experience, it looks really great.

  2. Oooooo this skin care line sounds pretty fabulous!!! I’m all about anything that keeps my skin looking good. I will have to check this out!

  3. iWhite Korea is pretty new for me, but I just love it right away seeing the results from your after pictures. I would like to try it out to see how it works out for me.

  4. Never heard of white korea but as I was reading your post I instantly touched a spot on my face that is a bit darker thanks to a pimple that I just had to touch.

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