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5 Steps to Achieve my Simple Smokey Eye Using Fashion 21 Cosmetics.

Hello, Fashionistas! I’m sure you’re so excited about your graduation. Here’s my “Simple Smokey Eye” graduation makeup idea using Fashion 21 Cosmetics.


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Are you excited? 

So here it goes:



Step 1 :  Apply it onto your face

Pick your Perfect Stick concealer and foundation stick with SPF 50+, Apply it onto your face and blend it.  Natural is perfect in any skin tone so there is no problem if you’re worrying about the combination of this.  That’s why I love it!! <3  It’s only P180.00.


Fashion 21 blog pic 3


Step 2 :  Apply it onto your face

Second, I use the Two Way Cake with Papaya Extract it has natural papaya essence and SPF 35+. It glows my skin and looks so smooth this is also perfect for oily skin like me.  It’s only P140.00


Fashion 21 blog pic 2


Step 3 :  Contour your Face! ( Optional ) 


I used Eyeshadow number 8 set of Fashion 21 Color Bar to contour my face.  It’s only P150.00




Step 4 : Apply eyeshadow. 

First, Apply Eyeshadow number 8 all over your eyelid. Then apply Eyeshadow number 12 above your crease and fill it letter V ( side ). Blend Blend.. Blend it!…  I also apply liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes to make my eyes looks fabulous.


Fashion 21 blog pic


Step 5 : Apply Blush No. 2 to make your chicks looks pretty.

Blush no. 2 is perfect for my chicks especially for you. 🙂  Then, retouch you face using Two way cake with papaya extract. And Apply Pink Obsession Lipstick I apply the shade of Hot Diva.




Here’s my  pics without and with makeup using Fashion 21 Cosmetics. 


Fashion 21 blog pic 4




And my mom also enjoyed her makeup for our Sibling’s Graduation. 





For more info visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram too to more updates.

Facebook Page:  Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Instagram :    @fashion21_cosmetics


Have you tried Fashion 21 Cosmetics?  Share your thoughts below. 


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