5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Red Lipstick

Every little girl’s dream is to wear a red lipstick. I’ve been in that dream too, but when I grow up, I make it come true to life. However, you can have a nightmare instead of a fulfilled dream if you wear it wrong!


Yes, red lipstick is totally over-rated! Every time I wear it, I feel confident, beautiful and strong. Probably because the color red is bold and a very tough color. Yet, you can’t wear it every day.




I am surprised too, I thought I can wear red lipstick anywhere I want. So now, don’ get surprised as I tell you the 5 unexpected reasons why you should not wear a red lipstick


  1. You wear a pink clothing


Okay, I am guilty about this. I usually think that a pink top will be perfect if paired with a pink-red lipstick. Then, I can’t stand the contrast! Too much pinkish is happening there and this is a no-no!


  1. Your teeth are not white enough


Now, wear a red lipstick and smile at the mirror. You will see your teeth’s true color! Don’t be surprised if you find that your teeth are not white enough. A piece of advice, you should go to your dentist and have your teeth whiten or if you have broken front teeth, have it repair immediately. Believe me, after this you will thank me!


Have you seen a woman wearing a red lipstick with her teeth are all white and nice? Does she have a stunning smile?


  1. You can’t find the perfect red shade for your skin tone


The struggle is real, finding the perfect lipstick shade takes time. I thought that pink-red shade is perfect for me, but then I realized that orange-red is the one for me. Then after a few days, I go back to the pink-red lipstick and so I got confused! If you can’t find the perfect red shade for you, drop it! Maybe, red lipstick is not suitable for your skin tone.


  1. Your makeup is too heavy


Please, I am begging you, don’t go out with a smoky eye and a red lipstick. This will not work! Red lipstick is perfect for lighter to no makeup at all! If ever you will go to a night party or you are planning on wearing heavy makeup, don’t settle for red lipstick.


  1. Inappropriate to the place


Be sensitive in wearing a red lipstick, especially if you are not around the people who you are comfortable with.


Never wear it if you are planning to visit your in-laws’ house. I am guilty about this! I know, sometimes I wore a red lipstick when I go to my in-laws. It will leave a wrong impression to them, especially if they are conservative.


If you are going to a funeral, please do not wear a red lipstick. You will be misunderstood!


The same goes with a church service, keep simple as possible. Just wear a very light makeup and do not go inside the church with a red lipstick unless you are a bride.


It is not okay to wear a red lipstick inside the school and office place. Especially if you are a teacher, it might just stain your teeth while you are talking. In the office, it is very intimidating if you will wear a red lipstick or sometimes, you tend to look so attractive even if it is not your intention.


There are some places and occasions that you can wear a red lipstick confidently. Find more about it on my next post.


In the meantime, can you tell me if you have an odd experienced on wearing a red lipstick? Have you taken it off immediately after feeling weird?

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