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Please, Stop Testing Foundations on Your Wrist

I am at the mall last weekend, I helped my best friend in finding the right lipstick shade for her. After gathering some picks  finally, she has chosen one and it looks proper on her.


A few steps away, I saw a girl who is applying different shades of foundations on her wrist. I feel annoyed like, “What are you doing?, You do it wrong!”. I want to help her, but I am afraid that I might get rejected or she might get shocked at me approaching her. Then, I decided to just turn away from her, but I know deep inside I want to help her.


That is why I came up with this post. I want to help ladies out there the proper way to test foundations. Please feel free to explore and use the following tips:You should STOP Testing Foundation on Your Wrist



  1. Do not apply on your wrist


Why would you apply foundations on your wrist? This is very traditional and very wrong! The color of your wrist is not the same as your face unless you are going to apply the foundation on your wrist and not on your face.


Test the foundation in your jaw-line, this is the best spot. Take 2-3 foundation shades and see what is suitable for you. You can also feel the texture of the foundation in your face and you can tell which is the best.


You can also try applying the foundation under your eyes, you will instantly see if your eyes will glow with the current shade you are testing.


  1. Do not assume


Yes, you heard it right. Never assume that the shade of the foundation you chose is right for you. I hate to see girls wearing a very light foundation, but it doesn’t match their neck’s tone. I am sorry guys, but this is really unacceptable. Maximize the samples in the makeup store, come on, don’t be shy!


  1. Make a selfie


It is okay to take a selfie unless the store does not allow it. After taking selfies, you can compare and decide what foundation are you going to buy.


  1. Ask the saleslady


Never lose the opportunity of asking the saleslady. Ask what is their best seller or what are her recommendations. You can even show her the test samples applied to your jaw-line and know her judgment.


Are you guilty of applying foundations on your wrist? I never know about this too, but I am so glad that I am learning from my mistakes.



Nicole Escat


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