Moti Turning 3: 10 Awesome Party Ideas For Toddlers

The first time I knew that I was pregnant with my son, Moti, a had a mixed of emotions. I was super excited and cannot wait to embrace him but I am also worried that I might not be a good parent to him. The whole pregnancy thing is a roller coaster. I had bad mornings, they say you will experience a morning sickness, but to be honest- it is not literally on mornings only. Sometimes, I also had the mood swings and many cravings! It is not an easy journey! I called it the most confused nine months of my life! It is almost three years after the first time I carry him in my arms. I can still feel his warm embrace and his urge for breastfeeding when the doctor first held him in my arms. That is one of my favorite moments in life. That is why I want him to feel special on his 3rd birthday. We have celebrated his 1st and 2nd but I am not sure if he already recognized the excitement. So, now that he can appreciate little things then I think it is time to throw him a little party at home.

I have here ten awesome party ideas that are suitable for toddlers. These party ideas are also budget-friendly and you can customize according to how many guests you are going to accommodate. I think of inviting around 15-30 people for his party, just a small party for the family. I have only less than two months to prepare and to choose which theme is the best for my little Moti!

1. Superhero party theme

SuperHero Party Theme

It was only this year when Moti learned about superheroes. His favorite is Batman, you can ask him why he likes Batman when you see him in person. I like Batman too, he uses his riches and intelligence to help people in Gotham City. I can imagine my son likes that when he grows up that he can help other people through his resources. He will be thrilled if he gets a Batman-themed birthday party for his big day. I think of purchasing a Batman costume for my son but I will not let him see it. I saw one at the mall at around 300php, I hope that I can get his size right! This is so exciting, I want to be in a Catwoman’s dress and maybe hubby will be the Superman (Batman vs. Superman movie-inspired). Actually, this theme is my first choice. I want our guests to wear masks and be in character too. I am also thinking of purchasing a Batman cake and cupcakes. I want it to be perfect for him, I think of a DIY batman sign and many black balloons around. I can imagine how happy he will be.

2. Airplane party theme

He likes airplanes too, every boy does. I saw some airplane bunting at a nearby store around our home. This can be paired with DIY clouds hanging on our ceiling. He can wear a cute pilot costume or an airplane costume! We can do this in our backyard, we can decorate a tent with a mimic of an inside a plane. Oh, this is getting more exciting!

3. Safari party theme

His favorite animal is a tiger. Sometimes, he pretends to be a tiger. A safari party theme is perfect in our garden. We just have to purchase some tall plants to make it look more safari. I saw some animal statues in a plant and garden stuff store near our place. I will ask about it if I can rent them for a day (crossing my fingers!)

4. Ball party theme

All boys like playing balls! I think of a fun ball outdoor party, not just an ordinary but a fun one. I want to have a large inflatable pool filled with many balls so Moti can dive into and have the fun. He will surely like it, just one of the most enjoyable moments he had in a kiddie land. I am so sure that he will like a party likes that but one of my worries is that it might get rain in August.

5. Backyard swimming party theme

Summer is over for August that is why it is a nice time to bring back the summer! He likes swimming parties and I think of an under the sea party theme. Of course, everyone should be wearing a beach wear! However, we are not going to the beach because there might be a possibility that there is a storm. We can do this in our backyard and if it rains then it would double the fun since there is no thunder and lightning!

6. Prince party theme

Moti is my prince and he will always be! I like to throw him a prince party and invite some princesses! Maybe this one, I will reserve when the time he can go to school so he can invite his classmates to play with him on his big day. This theme is ideal for toddlers, they like castles, swords, horses and crowns!

7. Warrior party theme

My son likes to play pretend and sometimes, he played as a brave warrior. His daddy is his opponent. We bu him a pair of swords and armor and he really likes it! I can add up a cute warrior outfit and ta-da, he can have a nice costume!

8. Cartoon Character party theme

His favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse. A Mickey Mouse clubhouse-inspired birthday party is a great idea. I saw some headbands that have the Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s ears attached in them, these will be perfect for our guests! I want to dress as Daisy Duck and my hubby as Donald Duck! Of course, Moti will be Mickey Mouse! I cannot wait at his party, I think of a DIY candy buffet! Perfect timing because I just saw some Mickey Mouse’s candy themes. I am so excited to sing M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! This party theme is my second choice and I am still thinking what is perfect between Batman and Mickey Mouse!

9. Movie-inspired party theme

We just saw Finding Dory last weekend and Moti is so happy about it! I think of a movie-inspired party theme, I cannot wait to see which movie will be shown on August.

10. Robot party theme

He likes robot too but I am not sure if my DIY skills can accommodate! I just got less than two months and I think a robot party theme is perfect if well-prepared! Maybe, I will reserve this for the next coming years. It will be perfect for his 5th birthday. I can have a robot dance contest by that time. By the way, Moti likes dancing too! He will be glad if he will have a robot party then all gifts are required to be robots, wow!

Right now, I am really torn between Batman and Mickey. I cannot ask him straight because this is going to be a surprise birthday party. I hope that no one will blow this surprise! All these party themes are under the budget of 3,000php with around 15-30 persons.

All these party themes are under the budget of 3,000php with around 15-30 persons. After the party, I will update on how it was done and how I manage to budget! This is going to be a challenging preparation for me but it’s all worth it. Moti is such a great blessing to us that is why I want him to feel special.

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