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10 Qualities That Make Your Client’s Happy with Your VA Job

With the world’s fast-paced environment, everything comes instantly. If you own a business, you need to have a website that works well with the internet industry. This means that you need to boost up the traffic to your website, you need to provide quality content, you need to be visible in social media, you need to promote what your company is doing or offering, and more! You can’t just do this alone, you need someone who can do the job for you. That is why the Virtual Assitant Industry is very important to your business. A Virtual Assistant may make or break what you already have. So, just to be sure, there are qualities that you need to consider when hiring a VA.

10 Qualities That Make Your Client’s Happy with Your VA Job

 1. Punctuality

Time is gold! In the internet industry, time is very critical. All things work under pressured time. Your website must have a reliable web host to maximized its time efficiency. It is very important to update your website and promote it. Every time lost is an opportunity lost. So, if you are looking for a VA, check the punctuality and the time management of the VA. The more job a VA can accomplish in a given time, the more productivity she can bring to your business.

2. Cost-efficiency

In a business, especially if you are just a startup is very important to keep to a budget. You should check the cost-efficiency of a VA. Hiring a cheaper rate VA doesn’t mean savings to your business. Sometimes, you need to hire a VA with a higher professional fee and a higher rate of success.

3. Reliability

Ask your potential VA, give some possible problems that you may experience. Check your VA’s reliability by her answers. The more your VA is reliable, the more it can bring credibility to your business.

4. Result-Oriented

Always look for a VA that is result-oriented. A VA that will finish a well-done job for you. If you have a VA for a month, but it doesn’t bring an increase in your branding, maybe your current VA is not resulting-oriented. If your VA is result-oriented, she will always have some wonderful suggestion to help your business grow.

5. Management Skills

Management is very important. A VA’s job always includes management skills so never hire a VA without an experienced in managing an account.

6. Open-minded

A VA with open-minds can bring so much potential to your business. Imagine the everyday changes in the internet industry. You need someone who is always open to these changes.

7. Honest

In every aspect of life, honesty and transparency are very important. You can’t work with a VA that will just fool around with you. Or even a VA that can’t keep confidentiality, take note of your account names, email addresses, and passwords! You don’t want to share such information with someone that is not honest.

8. Focus

A VA must be focused even if she is managing a lot of clients. A VA must always take one step at a time with focusing on priorities. You don’t want to have a clumsy VA.

9. Resourceful

It is important that a VA must be resourceful due to the rapid changes in the technology. One day SEO are in, the next day, it is not. So your VA must be always resourceful because there are changes and innovations that are coming. A VA that continues learning and acquiring skills is a great VA.

10. Good Communication Skills

Communication is very important, but a good communication skill is great for the business. Hire a  VA that can communicate well with your audience, potential customers, and current customers. Someone with a good interpersonal skill, not just someone who can communicate fluently using the English language. Imagine if you received a negative feedback and your VA handled that negatively. This will have a big impact on your business. So, your VA must be able to communicate well to maintain a good client relationship with your audience.

It is hard to find a VA that has these qualities, you can always take note of this checklist and make sure that at least 6 out of these 10 qualities are possessed by your potential VA.

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