Cheap and Extraordinary Weekend Ideas at Home

Every weekend I always make sure that I, hubby and our only son spent time together. We often stroll in the mall, do some shopping or grocery, watch a movie in the cinema, go to a zoo or a water park or in the arcade. Hubby and I worked for 6 days a week, so we make sure every Sunday, we have a well-spent day with our son. Although, it is quite expensive to go out every weekend. So, I decided to write some cheap to zero-expense and extraordinary weekends ideas that we can do at home. We haven’t tried anything so everything is new to me. I am so excited to try each one of these ideas. I hope that we can alternate each other weekends with these ideas.

1. Gardening

I grew up with my grandma who is very fond of gardening. Every morning, she asked me to water her plants while she lectures me about the proper way of taking care of plants. I am so amazed when I was a kid. I am always curious how plants grow and how they bear their fruits or flowers. I said to myself, “When I grow up, I will do some gardening too, just like my grandma!” Well, maybe this is the right time to do it. I heard that gardening is not expensive and there are many benefits from it. According to my grandma, she feels relaxed whenever she stepped into her garden. I want to experience the same, I’ve been in front of the computer for 6 days, so I think, gardening will work for me. My problem is, how can I make my hubby and son engage in this activity. Here’s how will I do it:

  • Asked hubby and son to accompany me in purchasing the plants or seedlings in the plant nursery. I will let them choose whatever they like to plant in our garden.
  • We will hand-paint some of the pots. I will let them design their own. One of the nicest ideas that I think will work is labeling rocks as the name of each plant that we are going to plant in our garden.
  • In the afternoon, we will start planting and decorate our garden.
  • From day 1, we will take pictures of our garden so we can monitor everything and I will let them involved in the whole process.

This activity is cheaper than going to malls. It is also beneficial because we can have our own supply of oxygen from our plants!







2. Art and Crafts

There are so many arts and crafts that are going in my mind right now, which can lead to the interest of my hubby and son. Here’s my list:

  • DIY stencil making and drawing
  • Making tie-dye matching shirts
  • Building a cardboard castle, kitchen, playhouse, office, etc.
  • Popsicle sticks building and painting
  • Face and body painting

3. Balcony Picnic

We haven’t done any picnic in a while. I think it would be fun to do it on a balcony or in the backyard. We can prepare the food earlier and then we can set it up later. We can also do some stargazing after the picnic. I think this one is much exciting if we watch a movie while having  a picnic on the balcony.

4. Home Camping

This is a little weird for me, but I want to try it. It may be so strange but sounds like a great way to spend a weekend with my hubby and son. We can spend the whole day telling horror stories, reading books, or anything without our phones and gadgets!

5. Movie Marathon

Oh, I think this will really work for us!

6. Cook a Foreign Cuisine

I always wanted to cook some other cuisine like Japanese, Korean, European, American, Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Maybe my hubby and son will prepare it and then I cook. After I cook, they will judge it. This could be a cool weekend for us!

7. Board Games Day

Due to the technology, my son doesn’t experience playing board games such as chess, scrabble and snakes and ladders. I will buy some of these board games and we will spend the whole day playing. I will also buy a set of playing cards!

8. Make your Own Photo Collage at your Wall

I always wanted to decorate our home with something unique but I am having difficulties in finding time to do it. I will check my albums and choose some wonderful photos, it would be so fun to include some old photos of our childhood. My son will truly like this, and we will also include some captions in it. We will decorate our wall in our room and will cover it with a transparent adhesive book cover.

9. Outdoor Camping and BBQ

I will check how much a camping tent costs, I want to spend a night at a camping in our backyard. This is going to be fun, plus BBQing and stargazing. We can also do some ghost hunting but I think it will just keep us stay indoors!

10. Backyard Swimming and Fun Water Activities

As much as possible, I don’t want to go on a swimming in a resort due to the possible infection that my son may get so the solution- backyard swimming! A large inflatable pool that will be suitable for us costs around 1,000php so not bad. It will be fun too if we have some water balloon fight. My hubby and son will surely love this!

How about you, have you tried anything on this list? These are on my bucket list and starting next week, we will spend every other weekend on these activities. We can save money while maximizing our time together!

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