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Fabulous Shopping with Beauty MNL

It was raining hard these past few days and I am so lazy to go outside. My hubby will be mad at me if I will not do the grocery. Our pantry is still in stock, but our beauty essentials are already running out of stock and I also need a new lip tint for our weekend date! So, I browse the net and saw Beauty MNL’s Site. Perhaps hubby won’t get mad if I just shop online. I like shopping online and most of my dresses and makeup comes from sellers I just met on Facebook. However, I had a horrible experienced with a seller so I ended up looking for a reliable website for my shopping. I am so glad that I found Beauty MNL, a one-stop shop for all my needs!

My hubby needs a new perfume because the one he is using doesn’t last for long. My baby needs a refill for his shampoo. Our bathroom essentials are running out, we need a shampoo, a conditioner to keep my hair healthier, deodorant and soap! This shopping site is perfect for our needs! So after browsing it, I decided to do my shopping while my hubby is busy working on his computer.

I had a fabulous experienced on this website, I can easily navigate the site! I can find what I am looking for in an instant. Most of my items come from the “Hair Care” section. I like taking care of my hair, it is really my shining glory as the old saying! The loading time is fast too, maybe it is my internet or the website itself! So far, I like my shopping experienced on this website.

Here are what I bought in Beauty MNL:


So I also Got FREEBIES which are Dove Original Whitening DEO and 1 shampoo & Conditioner Dove Moisture


I paid around 1500php for all these stuff plus 50php for shipping. I didn’t get the free shipping because my virtual cart is short of 500php, maybe next time! The payment processing is flawless! I ordered on July 13 and I received my items on July 15, I am so happy to receive the exact items I paid for. That was a really fast delivery, it will usually take 3-5 days if the address is outside Metro Manila and I am from Bulacan. They also have a COD option but it is only applicable within Metro Manila and the delivery will be the next day after ordering. They also have some promotions that you can avail.

They Also have FREE SHIPPING on orders P2000 plus!

My favorite item is the “Delight Tony Lip Tint” in cherry pink. I am so excited to use this on our weekend date! I will be shopping for more beauty items on my next pay day. My hubby is so delighted when he saw the delivery of our items and it is really timely for our needs! I super love my shopping experienced, I have bookmarked their website for my next transactions. As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend this site for Kikay girls like me! This site is also perfect for busy moms, the price of the products sold here is very competitive. Everyone will definitely enjoy shopping here.

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