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How to give your child a complete nutrients with Nutri 10 Plus Syrup.

Last month, we bought vitamin syrup for my son and we thought that, it would be good for my son. But it’s really not worth to had that. Last week, we saw the Nutri 10 Plus  Syrup for kids. I tried it to my son for one week and he was really active especially when we have an outdoor activity. I love what has changed to my son, he is able to eat rice more than milk and I’m really happy with the result.

moti 1 nutri 10 plus


Moti nutri 10 plus



Nutri 10 Plus Syrup has 13 Active Ingredients

nutri 10 plus



1-9 years old  :  2.5mL ( 1/2 tsp. )

10-12 years old  : 5mL (1 tsp )

To be taken once a day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.



Have you tried Nutri 10 Plus Syrup for your kids?  I’m sure you will be happy in result! 


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