5 Signs That Show Your Toddler Is Ready For Potty Training

“Are he still wearing a diaper at night?”

“Is he not yet ready to pee or poop by himself?”

“He’s already a grown up, teach him!”

“When are you going to buy a potty training for him?”

“You are such a lazy mom, it is easy to potty train a toddler!”

I hear all these questions almost every day from my friends and relatives. At first, I feel like it is okay to hear this, but later on, I am starting to get offended as they bombard me with such questions and statements. Then I asked myself, what’s wrong with my son, why is he not yet into potty training readiness? Or what’s wrong with me- am I the one who is delaying my son’s potty training? Suddenly, I feel guilty and then I later realized that it is my son’s call if he is ready or not, so I don’t oblige him to do or I don’t pressure myself into it. After this great realization, when somebody asked me again about potty training, I confidently said, “Wait for it, you will be one of the first persons to know when he is ready.” After this incident, no one asked me about it anymore. I think I sent the right signal to the person and I am so glad that I didn’t get affected by the pressure.

So, here’s a great surprise for me. One morning, my son, Moti take off his diaper and go to the comfort room and asked if I can wash his private part. I was so surprised, speechless in a few minutes. I was so excited that day, it was like a heavenly feeling for a mom like me to see a real progress on your child. So, I didn’t expect that it will be a perfect beginning of our potty training. He still makes some mess, but not the way he used to have. Later in the evening, I asked him if he is going to wear his diaper. He didn’t answer me so I encourage him. I said, “It’s okay Moti, you can wear your diaper tonight and then first thing in the morning you can remove it”. It was a night of silence, he wore his diaper that night. The next morning, he takes it off again and asked to wash his private part. Later in the evening, he seems so excited and I wonder why. So, I asked him and he said that he will not wear a diaper tonight and that’s the start of our potty training journey. Before this happened, I observed him carefully for at least a month and I take note of the signs that he is really ready for it.

5 Signs That I Observed with Moti’s readiness in Potty Training

  • He has dry diapers during sleeping time

    When he sleeps, I take a peek in his diapers to see if there is a leak or something. When I check the diapers, most of the times they are dry. So I think he is ready to have diaper-less nights because he can make some self-control.

  • He can pull his pants by himself

    Every time we go on a family date, he is the one who picks his clothes. One day, I observed him as he is pulling up his pants after I dress him with his diaper. Flawlessly, he pulls the pants and the only time he asked for my help is when he needs to zip and button his pants.

  • He is not comfortable with his wet and dirty diaper

    Every morning, he is really uncomfortable with his wet diaper. He asked me to wash him after he takes off the diaper by himself and this is a signal that I know he is really ready for it.

  • He tells me when he needs to pee or poop

    Whenever he needs to pee or poop, he says it to me. Even when we are not at our home, he insisted to get to the comfort room when he needs to. My hubby is the one who assists him because he doesn’t want to go into the ladies restroom at the mall or if he doesn’t want his daddy, we will look for a comfort room built for PWD.

  • He isn’t afraid anymore of the toilet or potty training seat

    Before his 3rd birthday, he is so afraid of the toilet. He told me that it is like he’s going to fall on the poop water. I am not sure if he is really afraid or he finds it disgusting.

I am so glad that our potty training journey begins and I am really thankful that I’ve become patient with it. Now, we just enjoy every milestone he has and as much as possible, we capture each memory! He is getting bigger and bigger each day!


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