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Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin

Oh, my gosh! Liza Soberano is so stunning, I love her look at the recent Star Magic Ball. Although it was a few months ago, I am still stunned by her beauty. I want to achieve her look but unfortunately, that gorgeous look is not suitable for me. Her face is so angelic and mine is the opposite of it, ha-ha! Kidding aside, I am eyeing off a glamorous look I want to mimic for our girls’ party this coming December. Liza Soberano’s look is out of my choices because I know that the look won’t suit my snob-looking face. I will attend the girls’ party with a different look that I just saw yesterday while I am browsing and I found Denitslava makeup tutorial and I think her look would be perfect for me. Yes, we will have a Christmas party on one of my best friends’ house and that is an all-girls party- no husbands, no kids! I am so excited for this party, everyone will get dressed up and I am sure everyone is going to be stunning! So, I need a look that will “wow” my friends.


Earlier, I took a long stare on my make-up kit but sad to say, I need to buy some because I ran out of my favorite make-up and I also need some great add-on to my collection. So, I tour my eyes to this site, Sephora in which one of my best friends recommended the site to me. I know how exciting for me to shop and finally, Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin!


I am so excited to purchase so I can complete my make-up collection and do my make-up inspiration! You know how fulfilling for a woman to shop and of course, make-up is my number one list aside from my hubby and son’s necessities! Enough of them for the moment, this is my time to shop for myself! After all, my husband allowed me too and I can finally feel the Christmas spirit! Yes! So, girls, ask your husband too so you might enjoy shopping at Sephora too!

For my dream party-look, here’s a list of what I needed:

  1. For the eyes

I need a gel eyeliner, I want the wicked color! It is perfect for our night party! I also need an eyeshadow pallet that has lots of colors, good thing that I found one at an affordable price. I am so glad that I have one pallet for all my favorite colors! I love this pallet because it has no Paraben and no fragrance! And to complete my look, I need these gorgeous eyelashes! Good thing that they are reusable up to 5 times! I super love this shopping experience!




  1. Lips

For my lips, I love this color but I am thinking of buying at least 3 additional colors! Yes, I love lipstick! I love this Sephora lipstick collection. I am so glad that they are long-lasting and the shades are so stunning!


  1. Pencil

I love liners, they are multi-purpose. I find this lovely perfect pencil, although it is a little bit expensive I still want to give it a try! This pencil is perfect for my eyebrows, my eyes, and on my lips too! It is like buying 1 pencil for 3, so I think it is still worth the expense. I love its waterproof property and it is also free of Paraben!


  1. Primer

Before I forgot, I need a primer. I find this wonderful primer that sounds helpful in minimizing visible pores. I like the finishing touch and the smooth texture on my face. I love this primer because it is rich in Vitamin E, I can’t recall if I blog about the benefits of Vitamins on the skin. I have a combination skin type, which is a mix of oily and dry types. This primer looks perfectly on me.


  1. Contour

And for my contouring, I need this Shimmering, luminizing powder. This powder will perfect my glam-inspired look! I am so ready for the party!


I can’t hide my excitement to I practice in front of the mirror to myself and have this glamorous look I am eyeing for. Here’s what I do:

  1. First, I apply the primer. Good thing that it is not sticky and not heavy. I don’t have a stingy feeling too so it means that I am not allergic to the primer.
  2. Then I work on my eyebrows, luckily I just have my threading treatment 2 weeks ago so I didn’t experience difficulties in fixing my eyebrows. The pencil is so nice, I love the quality.
  3. After the brows are perfected, I work on my eyelid, I love the eyeshadow palette! I can use this on many occasions, I am so happy with it. Then let’s do the liner, I also use the pencil as my eyeliner and works totally fine!
  4. For the eyelashes, once I wear them on I will put extra volume using my mascara. Luckily, I got a trick on how to volume up your lashes, you can find it in my recent post.
  5. For the lips, I need to put on my lip balm and put on the lipstick. I love this color, it suits my snob-looking face! I super love the color!
  6. Before the final look, I need the luminizing powder for my contouring.

How do you like my look? I don’t know about you but I love it so much!

I will keep you guys updated for our all-girls Christmas party and how everyone looks! I am pretty sure that my makeup will be one of the best, crossing my fingers! I am so confident in this glamorous party look because I got the best makeup with me and they are not so expensive. I am so happy that I shop at Sephora! Shop more make-up products on Sephora PH here!


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