Christmas 2016

Feeling The Spirit of Christmas Through Blogging

For more than three years, I have been spending my Christmas with my favorite people- my husband and my son. I am so grateful to be surrounded by their sincere love. Every Holiday seasons, I can’t contain my happiness and excitement. I am always looking forward to Christmas shopping, exchange gifts with loved ones, and pamamasko by my son. This year, I am halfway to finish my Christmas shopping, and I am so glad that I shopped most of the items on my shopping list through online stores. I find it very convenient, minor to no hassles, no traffic, and I can shop even I am still wearing my PJs! I love my experienced with one of my favorite online stores, and in fact, I bought my gift to a fellow mommy blogger from #MommyBloggersPH. I joined this Mommy Bloggers PH Gift Swap and from the first time I heard about it I am excited to join. I love collaborating with fellow bloggers, and I am so glad that there are activities like this. So, I bought this #Instapretty gift set which reflects on what I am in real life! I am a super kikay mommy, and you can honestly tell that with my blog posts! I use this set too, so I want a fellow blogger mom to experience an Insta-perfect aura this coming Holiday season.

On the other hand, I am so happy with what I received from Mommy Heart. I am so touched by her handwritten letter too!  It might have been a sorcery or magic, but I received the things I am looking forward to having. I love this cutie pink planner, very me! There are lots of beauty essentials in this gift, and I can’t wait to use each of them. I will be putting this hydrating mask on our movie date night at home this coming weekend, and the nose pack is excellent for hubby. My son will surely enjoy the cookie cutters, and I will be using it for our pancakes for breakfast.

I positively enjoyed this experienced and of course, I will join again the #MBPGiftSwap next year.  I am so thrilled too when I saw the sponsors of this fantastic event. Some of them are my favorite picks such as:

  • Tupperware- which we have lots of them in my grandma’s old house.
  • Lorenzana Lorins Patis- I like its taste because it is not overpowering and affordable too.
  • Lorins Bagoong Alamang Guisado- I can compare this with my grandma’s special alamang, almost the same taste!

The rest of the sponsors are new to me although I heard some of them:

  • Contadina- I just saw this on my sister’s blog, and I can’t wait to try her Shrimp and Pesto pasta!
  • VillaDelConte Chocolates- another great find of my sister, she told me to buy a lot when I get in Metro.
  • Arla- my son is insisting me to buy it, he said that they are milky cheese so I will buy on our next grocery time.
  • myPhone watch- Oh, right timing! I am looking for a cool gift for my brother, I will check this later.
  • Poetry Magnets- isn’t cute to have poetry magnets on our fridge? I just checked their FB page, and I love the stuff there! I also want to give some for my sisters, they love poetry!

I’ve been blogging not too long, but I am so thankful to have the chance of joining Mommy Bloggers PH Gift Swap! I can’t wait to read fellow mommy bloggers’ experiences too! Let’s spread the spirit of Christmas by making others feel important and put back smiles on their faces!

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