3 Year Olds Are Fascinating Creatures, Know How To Handle Them Without Threatening!

They say that when a child reaches the age of two, your life will become terrible. That is why they are called terrible two! When my son turned two, he gets easily upsets! He has lots of tantrums and mood swings and they drive me crazy! I thought that the terrible two stage is unending then my son celebrated his 3rd birthday a few months ago. I’ve seen many changes on him, he has lesser tantrums and he behaves a lot. Most of the time, he stares and observes me and wait for his turn. He is more patient now and I am surprised that he slowly participates at home without asking him. I am so fascinated with his changes then I came across in blogging his behavior and how to deal with them.

The characteristics and milestones that my 3-year-old is developing:

#1: Patience

He is more patience now, he can play on his own without having a bad temper unlike when he was in his two. He can patiently wait for his favorite video to load without asking me if it will take forever to show.

#2: Participation

He participates on our household chores. He is very keen when it comes to cleaning although he is still not into cleaning his toys!

#3: Self-control

He has self-control now. He can do potty training flawlessly and we are about to take off diapers in our grocery list. He is maturing enough for his age.

#4: Obedience

He can obey my commands now and he listens well. Although sometimes, he chooses not to obey me. I think 3-year-olds are starting to make their own choices.

#5: Imaginative

He is so imaginative, he likes playing and imagining things and I like it! Sometimes, I am surprised of his imaginations and I can sense how creative he can be.

#6: Selflessness

He is looking into Daddy and Mommy now as important as himself. He can understand that he is not anymore the center of attention. He understands the concept of family. And he can now pray, I love his prayers!





I love how he develops each day, I just enjoyed every moment because I know he will not stay young or he will not stay a 3-year-old forever. He will outgrow his age soon so I make sure that I do the right caring for him.

Here are some tips to handle your 3-year-old without threatening him:

Tip #1: Stay positive

In handling your kid, positivity is very important. Stay calm as much as possible. Let the situation cools down a little bit before you react. Think positive and be reasonable in disciplining your kid. He may not need a disciplinary action but a simple understanding from you. Do not overreact on your kid’s misbehavior.

Tip #2: Be consistent

Always be consistent in everything you do. Your 3-year-old is very keen when it comes to observation. He can easily trick you if you are not consistent. If you say “NO” already then your partner should say so too. Have a talk with your partner so you will have a harmonious discipline to your kid.

Tip #3: Avoid being emotional

Stop being emotional! I know how hard this can be, as a mother we are always driven by emotions. As much as possible, throw your emotions away and think straight. If your 3-year-old breaks a plate, what will you do? Are you going to spank him for the plate? Or are you going to ignore it? Or are you going to explain it to him? If I am impulse and driven by my emotions, probably I will spank my kid! However, I learned a wonderful lesson before this bad situation happens. Objects are just objects, you can hug them but they can’t hug you back. If you give more importance to things then you are giving your kid a wrong signal. For situations like this, try to talk to your kid and let him see the consequences of what he have done so he will take extra precaution next time.

Tip #4: Recognized the source of his misbehavior

Always know the source of your kid’s misbehavior. He may have an uncomfortable sleep last night, or a bad morning. Always talk to your kid, talking will let them get closer to you.

Tip #5: Give precise restrictions

Give your kid simple and precise restrictions. Do not make complicated rules like “if” or “if, else”. Hey! Your kid is just a 3-year-old! Even adults are uneasy with complicated rules! Be easy on your kid.

Tip #6: Learn to say “NO” firmly

When you say “NO” then you have to mean it. Most parents are neglecting this factor and eventually breaking their words. Another wrong signal. Please, if you say “NO” at the beginning then do not break it no matter what happened.

Tip #7: Let your partner do the explanation

If you are the one who disciplined your kid then let your partner do the explanation. If you will do it, chances are your kid will not listen to you. He still has his reservations about you so let the mood get calmed while your partner is explaining to him. Also please take notes in explanation, be on one side only. That side is the “pro-family” side and avoids divisions in the family. The one who will explain what went wrong and why is he being disciplined should always be on the “pro-family” side. Never take sides, just explain to your kid what happened and let him realized his wrong doings.

Tip #8: Have an alone time with your kid

Spend quality time with your kid alone. Have a weekly or a monthly date with your kid. Let your partner do the same. Enjoy a day together- eat ice cream, play in the mall, or walk him by the park. Just to anything fun, you have to spend quality time with your kid so he will value time with the family. He needs more understanding in his age but does not forget to discipline if necessary.

3-year0ols are fascinating, lovely, and adorable creatures! I just love him being 3 and I can’t wait to see him develop the way he should.


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  1. Thank you for these amazing parenting tips on how a mother like me should react, discipline and take good care of our children, especially toddlers. I’ve gained lots of ideas on how I should deal with my future 3 year old son. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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