Kilay is life: Eyebrow Shaving 101

When I was so new to eyebrow shaving, I have no idea about it. I ran to a salon in front of my
grandma’s house for our prom night, and the stylist told me that he needs to shape my eyebrows through shaving. I was hesitant at that time, but I trust him, so I ended up having my eyebrows shaven!

I am very fortunate because the stylist in the salon is so good, and I love my experienced! From that on, I have my eyebrows regularly shaven by him. Later, I realized that I could do it my own so I can save money. I observed and studied how will I do it and then I do it on my own!

The definition of eyebrow shaving

So far, eyebrow shaving is the easiest way to shape your eyebrows. You may only need an eyebrow razor and a mirror. If you are unable to do it yourself, it is so far the cheapest eyebrow shaving service I had.

Who can avail eyebrow shaving

When it comes to eyebrow shaving, there is no much restrictions unlike with threading and tweezing. You just have to be careful not to shave all of your eyebrows!

The advantages of eyebrow shaving

#1: Painless

Eyebrow shaving is painless, no plucking of hairs needed. However, if you are extra sensitive to razors, you may feel uncomfortable.

#2: Cost-effective

It is the cheapest eyebrow shaping technique I have tried.

#3: Free

You can even do it for free; you can study on how to do it, so you don’t have to pay for a salon stylist. You just have to purchase a sharp eyebrow razor and a shaving cream if you prefer.

#4: Quick and lesser time

It is very quick to do, as fast as 1 minute you can have a positive result.

#5: Widely available

Almost every salon offered the service, and there are many stylists that can do it.

The disadvantages of eyebrow shaving

#1: A little bit risky

We know how sharp razors and blades are so using them near the eyes are hazardous. If you want to avoid accidents, do it in a private place where there are no distractions I never shave my eyebrows in front of my son, he might jump excitedly on me!

#2: Short-term

Eyebrow shaving is only for short term; it can only last up to a month, and you need to shave your eyebrows all over again.

#3: Might be cozy if you do it regularly

It is cheap, but if you do it every month, you need to allot a budget for it no matter how cheap it is. It may sound expensive if you will do the math.

#4: Rashes and irritation

For some people, eyebrow shaping is irritable and develops some rashes around. If you happen to have sensitive skin, do not try shaving your eyebrows.

#5: May resulting in thick hair and rough edges

If you have thin eyebrows, this is beneficial to you. However, of course, you want to shape your eyebrows that are why you are shaving it. Imagine you have a thick pair of eyebrows, yikes!

The cost of eyebrow shaving

As I told you earlier, it is cheap. The cheapest I find is around 30 pesos or less than a $1! You can also do it yourself for free!


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How to do it yourself

So I know you want to save money and time going to the salon every month, so I made an easy to follow guide on how you will do it yourself!

Step #1: Prepare you eyebrow shaving kit first

You need to look for a sharp eyebrow razor, and you can also use a blade if you are comfortable with it. If you want, you can also purchase a shaving cream or gel. If you have oily skin, then buy the shaving gel and if you have dry skin, use a shaving cream. You also need a moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, and a mirror.

Step #2: Prepare your eyebrows

Wash your eyebrows with lukewarm water or shower it with a hot shower to open the pores and let the hair loss. This step will help to shave your eyebrows easily.

Step #3: Moisturize

Apply a moisturizer around your eyebrows to moisten the skin and keep it protected from shaving.

Step #4: Draw your eyebrows

Brush your eyebrow and draw a line on each, so you will easily define your desired eyebrow shape. In front of the mirror, see if the drawings are symmetrical to each other.

Step #5: Shave what’s outside the line

Now, shave which are not inside the line to get rid off of unwanted hairs. Then, wipe it off using a soft face towel.

Step #6: Detailed shaving

After you remove the visible unwanted hair, it is time to remove the smaller ones. You may be needing to change your razor to a fine or smaller eyebrow razor. Facing the mirror, check for the edges, the upper parts, and the lower parts of your eyebrows.

Step #7: Symmetrical result

Gaining a symmetrical result is a little bit challenging as the effect may not be symmetrical, so you need to adjust little by little. Just do it one at a time, do not pressure yourself or your eyebrows will be sabotage!

Step #8: Apply a shaving cream or gel

Finally, clean your eyebrow by wiping it off using a soft washcloth and then use a shaving cream or gel to keep it in place.

So, what are you waiting? Grab your eyebrow shaving kit and face the mirror. Tell me about your experience with eyebrow shaving technique.

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