Tame The Tantrums, The Modern Way

During toddler years, children are very challenging to handle. They will throw tantrums anywhere and any time of the day. I’ve experienced it many times, not only to my dear son but also to my siblings. It is hard to tame tantrums especially if you are not at home. Through the years, I’ve seen many parents even my own, have difficulties in handling tantrums. Hubby and I are experiencing the same but in these past few days, we learned a lot of new things, and we are slowly digesting the process of taming our toddler.

As my son celebrated his 3rd birthday last August, I was glad knowing that his tantrums will eventually go away. I was wrong; he still has his tantrums but less than usual. Most of the times, he will have tantrums when there are other kids around or when he doesn’t want to play with other kids at the mall’s paid playground. The controlling part sounds so hard at first, but once you get started, you will earn the benefits.

Tame The Tantrums, The Modern Way:


Yes, you read it right. Although, it is hard to ignore the kid especially if you are in a public place. You can do this tip when you are at home. When a kid throws a tantrum, your reasoning is invalid at all cause. He will never understand because emotions drive him so explaining while he is in his tantrums is not helpful. At some points, your reasoning might make tantrums worse so better chill off and wait until your kid cools off.


Create distractions and make sure your child’s attention will divert quickly. Carry on something interesting in your purse so whenever you go, you have a diversion to his tantrums. Bring his favorite toy or a drawing set, or something that might steal his attention. Once he was over to his tantrums, make sure to tell him that what he does is not proper.


At some instances, your hug and kisses will tame your kid’s tantrums. Although, it will not work all the time. Observe when your child needs a safe and comforting place. You may see it when he is most devastating and frustrated.


Knowing the source is difficult at most times but make sure to have a keen observation when it comes to determining the cause of your kid’s tantrums. With children below the age of 2, it is harder as they cannot communicate clearly. Again, observe the child and see what’s bugging him. Eliminate the source or try helping your kid out in handling whatever is distracting him.


Give your child some incentive from not throwing a tantrum especially if you go out to the mall or in a children’s party. Make sure to emphasize his behavior so that he will keep it in his mind. Somehow, people are reward-oriented, so this one is not hard to teach.


You don’t want to make a scene or have the same breakdown like your kid does. So, escape and look for another place. A change in location will eventually improve your child’s mood. Sometimes, the environment can cause the tantrums such as limited space, dark areas, and crowded place.


Just like adults, your kid needs space too. Let him bring his anger and frustrations out. Sometimes, they can manage it themselves by just letting it all out so don’t’ worry.


As much as you want to throw your tantrums, you need to calm down. It isn’t a rare situation, and tantrums happened to every kid so ignore whatever may distract you and focus on calming yourself. When you are already calm, talk to your child, and he will eventually pick up your calmness. If you will have a panicked attack during your kid’s tantrums, it will not help the both of you or make the tantrums worse.

Whatever actions we do when our children are on their tantrums will have a big effect on how they will turn out. So make sure that we manage carefully and be in mind that they are only kids so take it easy on them and to yourself too. Tantrum is a milestone in which every child will go through, as early as one-year-old, a kid can throw a tantrum, but they will outgrow it eventually. There are many causes of tantrums such as harsh weather, tummy aches, hunger, thirst, frustrations, etc. The important part is to know the source and manage it calmly. Handling your kids’ tantrums differ from time to time so have sufficient patience and big love for your child.

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  1. There are moments that we cannot cope up with our child having tantrums and staying calm while putting some disciplinary actions. It is not easy either way but keeping in mind that the way we discipline our child changes through time and following these modern taming tips is helpful. Thanks a lot.

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