Kilay 101: Eyebrow Shaping Using Tweezers

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the experiences I have with threading my eyebrows. I can imagine your facial expressions while you are reading my blog about it. Now, we will talk about shaping eyebrows using tweezers. As I have told you with my earlier post, this is going to be a series talking about eyebrows because I truly believe that “Bes, kilay is life!”

The definition of tweezing

Tweezing is also known as plucking. Basically, you need tweezers in this eyebrow shaping technique. The process is pulling the hair one by one and you need to make sure that the eyebrow is not broken, pulled up from the root. It is usually done in the eyebrow but can also do with other facial hairs.

Who can avail tweezing

Tweezing is like threading, all natural and no synthetic or chemical-based substances are required for the process. However, there are still some things you need to check first before undergoing to tweezing:

  • When you are on your period, do not tweeze your eyebrows! Why? It is because your estrogen levels are decreasing and the skin is susceptible to bacteria and infection so avoid tweezing so you can prevent possible complications.
  • If you have a special medical condition that was triggered by pain and sudden attacks please avoid tweezing.
  • If your pain tolerance is very low, don’t do tweezing! Also not advisable to sensitive skin.
  • A pregnant woman is okay with tweezing because it is natural but make sure to ask your OB first to avoid future complications such as early contractions.

The advantages of threading

#1: All natural

No doubt, tweezing is all natural. It doesn’t require any chemical substance although you have to sanitize your tweezers first before using it. I love tweezing because it is natural!

#2: Results can last more than a month

Yes, the result can last up to 6 weeks. So it is relatively convenient for me!

#3: Possibility of permanent result

If you do regular tweezing, the follicle of your eyebrows can get permanent damage just like with threading. This will prevent the growth of new hair.

#4: Inexpensive

Tweezing is really cheap, it is way cheaper than threading. Actually, you can have it for free (refer to advantage #5).

#5: You can do it at your own

That is why it is cheap, you can do it on your own. All you need to do is to spend money on a good and sharp tweezers. I am lucky to have mine and I’ve been using it for years! Tweezing is the very first eyebrow shaping technique that I tried.

#6: You can also do tweezing with other body parts

If you have unwanted hair, you can also use tweezing in other areas such as the armpit.

The disadvantages of tweezing

#1: Ouch!

Yes, it is painful! Tweezing will give you slow and longer pains because you have to pull up the hair one by one. One tip I learned is to rub-off your skin before tweezing so it will keep calm.

#2: It may leave or break your hair behind

If you do improper tweezing or if the force is not enough, you may just break the hair and it will damage your skin.

#3: It is not for sensitive people

People who have sensitive skin and love pain tolerance are not advisable to tweeze their eyebrows. It may also produce redness and inflammation to sensitive skin.

#4: It may tear off the skin

It can also cause the wound or deep cut to the skin, if improper tweezing or the tweezers is not suitable for you, your skin might get damage from the force.

#5: It can cause infection

Tweezers that are not sanitized are a high risk of giving your skin infection. You need to sanitize your tweezers before and after use. Wash it with water and let it dry then spray some alcohol to keep it away from bacteria.

The cost of tweezing

Tweezing is not expensive, the cheapest I found is around 5o pesos or $1 USD. Actually, you can do it yourself. It is easy. All you need to do is to buy your own tweezers. The cost of tweezers is not expensive. Mine is around 200 pesos or $4 USD. Since you can do it yourself, I will give you a short background on the kinds of tweezers and the DO’s and DON’Ts:

The different kinds of tweezers

#1: Classic slant tip

I use this kind of tweezers, it is easy to use because the shape is ideal for my eyebrows.

#2: Point tip

This works well with thin and short hairs but not advisable for nervous people especially if you have unstable hands.

#3: Point slant

This is a combination of tweezers #1 and #2. If you haven’t use any of the first two, do not consider this one. The slant of this tweezers is much slanted than the first kind of tweezers.

#4: Round tip

This type of tweezers is not good if you are aiming for one by one hair. The tip is more likely to grab more hair but the tip of this type is the safest.

#5: Flat tip

This kind of tweezers is the round type, it is not useful in pulling a single hair but many hairs. This is not a good investment.

#6: Ultra claw tip

This kind of tweezers is great for other parts of the body as it will give you a better view of the hair. It is also useful for the eyebrows but somehow a little bit expensive than #1.

#7: Wide grip

If you have shaky hands, this kind of tweezers is good for you. The handle is wider so you will have more control.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of tweezing

#1: DO’s

  • To make the tweezing easier and faster, dab a hot towel on your eyebrows so your skin pores will stay opened while you are shaping your eyebrows.
  • To keep extra care of your skin, pull up the hair from the direction where the hair grow.
  • To make it convenient for you, draw a line on your eyebrows to know which ones you are going to pull up.
  • After tweezing, moisturize your eyebrow to hydrate your skin after the process.

#2: DON’Ts

  • Do not apply anything on your eyebrow that may cause the tweezers to slip.
  • Do not use your tweezers without properly sanitizing it.
  • Do not use too much force on tweezing.

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  1. Thank you for the post, Nicole. I personally simply love tweezing. It’s a cheap and simple way to shape my eyebrows, which is great. I usually stay away from round and flat tip tweezers, don’t trust myself enough yet. Ha ha! I usually go with the classic one just like you. The simpler, the better. 🙂

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