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My Wonderful Experience Using Traveloka In Booking A Hotel Accommodation

A friend of mine recommended an app she has been using in booking her travel needs for many times. Just in time, I need a vacation! Hubby and I were planning on having a nearby vacation, a hotel or resort booking perhaps. So, without hesitation, I got the app and was so surprised how easy it was to navigate. It is my first time to try this app, and I like the interface, very user-friendly. I made a list of why I love the app, and am going to share it with you in details because I want you to have an enjoyable experience too. By the way, it is called Traveloka wherein you can book your flights and hotel accommodations- local or international. I am not getting paid for this post; I just want to share my amazing experiences!

10 Things I love about Traveloka

  1. Excellent design

For me, one of the first impression using an app is its design; I am not going to use an app if I am bothered with an awful design! I don’t know about you, but when I find an app unpleasing in my eyes, I deleted it right away. No chance to know its functionality. My reason is I will be using the app the whole time so if I am not comfortable with the way it looks then perhaps I will get annoyed. I don’t want that to happen. What I am saying is a good app should have a fantastic interface, so people will get attracted to using it. That is one of the million things I love about Traveloka. The colors, contrast, fonts and images used are perfectly fit together!

  1. Easy to use

I find it also appealing if an app is very easy to navigate. It is not like rocket science that you have to figure out the whole thing before using it! But of course, you need to log in to secure your details and for your next time booking needs. Once I am confirmed, I started my search on the hotel near us. Luckily, I choose a nice one with swimming pools, so my son will enjoy the stay. Then, with some few clicks, I am done!

  1. Lower rates

Upon comparing their prices, Traveloka app has the best rate. I booked a hotel accommodation with Klir Waterpark Resort, which is in Guiginto Bulacan. It was a few minutes away from us, so I didn’t hesitate to book it. I spent 3,394.07 pesos for two days and 1-night accommodation. The rate was good for two, but there is no additional payment for our little boy. And what is wonderful about it, it is inclusive of free breakfast buffet for two! Oh, I am sure that it will ruin my diet! Kidding aside, I find that we just had a huge discount on a regular rate for our accommodation is around 5,000.00 pesos.

  1. Honest rates and information

I love how honest they are with their rates; I love honest people! Plus all the information is accurate. When we get to the place, it meets my expectations. I had horror with expectation versus reality when we had a horrible experienced before in a hotel! Enough of that awful story, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I love the app, although there are limited reviews but nevertheless, helpful reviews.

Now, let me tell you a brief summary of our stay in the hotel:

  • The place is clean, nice, and very accommodating.
  • The bed is comfortable and inviting! I can sleep all day there!
  • I love the staff, they are very friendly, and genuine smiles are their mark.
  • The breakfast buffet is delicious! Yeah, my diet was sabotage! All my favorite breakfast treats in one plate, yummy!
  • I love their bathroom, so clean and fresh towel! Hot shower is nice too!
  • I like their ticket scheme, sweet and cute! It looks like we are heading to the cinema!
  • They have a wave pool, but my son is a little bit scared!
  • One adult pool and one kiddies pool, guess where we stay? Yep, the kiddie pool! We have a lot of fun there!
  • They have a fast Wi-Fi connection, yippee!
  • My son also enjoyed watching TV during the night.
  • I love the whole place, so beautiful and perfect for upcoming summer! Surely, we will be back!
  • My overall rating for the place is 5 out of 5!



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  1. Suggestive

The suggestions are broad and very accurate too! When a look for a place near me, it gives ideal recommendations, and I love it, so I won’t spent too much time looking for a great place near me. As much as I want, I don’t travel far due to my hectic work schedule. Although I am a work at home mom, my workstation is not portable! I should get a mobile workstation so I can travel more, yeah, I know what you are thinking! I am thinking the same too, with this amazing experienced with Traveloka, I want to explore the world more!

  1. Fast transaction

Smooth and fast transaction! I like the straightforwardness of the app, very friendly and instant transactions.

  1. Secure transaction

I have no hesitation with their payment options, although I don’t use a credit card. I pay my booking using my bank account. I was able to monitor it using my mobile banking app, and the transaction is secure!

  1. Irresistible promo

Aside from low rates, they also have some ongoing promotions! I can’t wait to book my next hotel accommodation and get the 50% off! And by the way, they have an ongoing promotion which gives you 500.00 pesos off on your flight booking and 600.00 pesos off on your hotel bookings, and the promo will only run until the 26th so hurry!

  1. A wide range of payment options

I am so surprised that even on 7-11 convenient stores, you can pay your bookings! Here are other forms of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Dragonpay
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Chinabank
  • Landbank
  • Metrobank
  • M Lhuillier


What I tried is payment thru bank, but for my next booking, I will try to pay at 7-11! However, I wish they can accommodate PayPal payment too.

  1. Excellent customer service

After I had booked, I got a confirmation email, and it keeps me more confident with the app! At least I am sure that they are not scammers! Days before my accommodation, I got another email reminding me of it. I love how prompt they are! I haven’t tried contacting their customer service but I sure they are quick in responding. For my next booking, I will try it and will tell you about it. By the way, their available means of contact are thru email, phone, and even live chat.

Wow, I never thought that I made a huge list! I am so pleased to share it with you and recommend the app. Try it, and you tell the difference.


You can also check it out TRAVELOKA Website

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