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Break Free – Don Soriano

It’s not my cup of tea to read any genre of a book but when I received this book “Beak Free” by Don Soriano from my friend, I’m honestly not interested to read it. But yesterday I had a chance to read because I had nothing to do while on vacation.

I started to read it because it said in the book that you can read it 1-hour guaranteed and it was true. And I think I only absorb 30% from the book but I’ve learned a lot! Imagine you will just need to read and spend one hour and it will change the way you do and see in your daily lives.  You can learn how to manage your time, your money, you will learn how to value yourself and it will help you to know your real dreams! Not just a lot of money but your real dreams and happiness. I’ve learned that money is not my happiness, and my dream is not to be reached. I’ve learned the understanding of financial freedom, and invest in yourself. You will always remember what Don Soriano did the wrong move and we will learn from it.

You will discover 8 principles you need to know for massive success in the business world. Don Soriano went from bankrupt with 500,000 debt to a business owner and financially free in less than three years. Now you can too!



About the Author

Don Soriano a scholar for a majority of his grade school and high school years in Xavier School. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from De La Salle University – Manila. He went on to top the May 2011, Certified Public Accountant Board Exams where he ranked 7th place nationwide. He also took the March 2011 Real Estate Broker’s Exam where he also ranked 10th place nationwide. He spent more than a year in Reyes, Tacandong & Company, an accounting firm, as an External Auditor. After reading a few books on business, he immediately quit his job and pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He has tried and (failed) doing business with chocolates, electric scooters, health insurance and importing products such as electronics and cell phone cases.

He hit rock bottom a few years later when he found himself bankrupt with  500,000 debt due to lifestyle problems and poor business decisions. At his darkest hour, he came across thought leaders such as T. Harv Eker, Jim Rohn, Bo Sanchez, Chinkee Tan, Francis Kong and more who helped pave the path for his unending hunger to learn. He realized one invaluable truth that changed his life forever: “The mind that got him in the situation, isn’t the same mind that takes him out of it.” He has been trying to improve himself daily ever since.

Only 3 years after bankruptcy, he has reached a point of financial freedom. He attributes his success to his daily habit of learning and getting into sales as a career. He is now a part-owner of a branch of an international restaurant franchise. He is the franchisee of six Mr. Softy Ice Cream food carts. He trains and manages a group of Personal Finance Coaches in line with his advocacy to promote financial literacy and awareness in the Philippines.

He is an author whose aim is to influence people to make the shift from employment to an employer the right way. His lack of experience and mentors at the beginning of his business career pushed him to write for those just about to take the leap so that they can learn from the struggles he endured.

Don is also a speaker and trainer who empowers people in the topic of sales business, personal finance, investments, and leadership. He aims to transcend success and aspire for significance by propelling others to realize their full potential. His lifelong dream is to be a world-class speaker who can inspire and motivate people to reach financial freedom so that they can also positively impact the world themselves.


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