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How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Helps You Grow Your Business

I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant for more than 3 years and I can say that I found my passion in it. I have so much fun when I am starting, I am so excited and full of dreams. Although I started small, I really appreciate my work because I am learning new things and I am able to take care of my son back then. After a few months of working part-time, unfortunately, I got to move to a full-time office-based job because my husband became jobless at that time. So, to help him for the meantime, I go to an office-based job because my current work as a VA is not sufficient as I only have 1 client at that time. During my office work, I felt heartaches because I love my work as a VA. It is like leaving your first love.

I have to make a huge decision so I decided to go back and look for additional clients to pursue my VA business. I work my way up, I studied the things I am new with. I even convinced my hubby to give it a try too and that’s how our story go. Right now, we are working with 40+ clients and I am also handling some talented VAs. I am so happy how my clients are satisfied with our work and it is great to know that their business is continuing to grow.

How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Helps You Grow Your Business

  1. You will have lesser expenses and you can save more money

In putting up a business, the capital is costly. Imagine the things you need to setup such as an office, equipment, utilities, personnel, etc. Plus, you also need to hire full-time workers that you need to give full working benefits.

Hiring a VA is cheaper than putting an office-based setup business. It let you saves money without renting an office space, without paying for the utilities, and purchasing equipment. Your VA will work in her own space at her expense! You can hire either part-time or full-time VA and the benefits of your online workers are up to you. Also, the rate of a VA started really cheap, at around $3 per hour so it won’t hurt that much. Hiring a VA is highly recommended especially to those are just starting up.

You can do the computing on how much you will save, I am thinking of 5 to 6 $ figures in a month! Yeah, that’s huge!





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  1. You will have more time on other important things

I, myself hired some VAs so I can make a priority on some other important things. Imagine the time you can save when you hire a VA. While my VAs are working for me, I am having some meetings with new clients or other business partners. By the way, I also managed an online shop I put up a year ago. I can do a lot of things because I am confident with my VAs. My clients have the same experienced, they can go to an important client meeting without worrying about their business because I am doing the job on their behalf.

  1. You have a chance to hire the most talented people

As for my experienced, I started with nothing. Fortunately, one of my sisters taught me a lot of new things. Then I also do some self-studying. From having 1 skill, I now have tons of them! Yeah, once you hire a VA, she will do everything to know everything! I find online workers highly competitive, eager to learn new things, and trainable. VAs are the best because they always strive to accomplish a job well done and not only that, VAs are extreme multi-talkers!


  1. You can hire as fast and as many as you can

Hiring a worker requires at least a week due to the requirements and background check needed. As for hiring online workers, you can do that quickly. Good thing is that online workers have their profiles, you have a small chance of hiring a sluggish worker. Even if you accidentally hire one, you can immediately look for a replacement. You can also hire as many VAs as you can and this is beneficial especially if you have rush works that need to be done in a strict time frame. Imagine if you have an office-based setup, the amount per hour you are paying to a single employee can be divided into at least 5 online workers. That’s 5 times the productivity!

  1. You can meet a lot of people and have a potential to go international

The international market is huge and very promising. Once you hire VAs across the globe, you will have a chance of knowing more people and have a glimpse of their culture. There is a huge possibility that you can put up your business in your VA’s country and have partnered with your VA. You can know the market there or your VA can help you put up the business without you going out of the country.

  1. You can dream without limits

You have a chance of working with people who have great talents. So can you imagine the limitless opportunities? The sky is the limit! Dream big without hesitation! When I was starting, I didn’t saw this coming. I started with less than a $100 a month but now I am earning way more than that and I was able to help other mothers too who almost forget of dreaming big.

  1. You can work remotely

One thing that I love with my job, I can go on a holiday anytime! I can work on a beach, or I can even go out of the country and work there remotely! You can do that too! Most of my clients are having some family affairs that they need to attend to and according to them, hiring me as a VA give them confidence that I can do the job without close monitoring.


It may be hard at the beginning. To hire someone you didn’t even see in person, I know how skeptical it is! I’ve been a VA and I’ve been hiring VAs too and I know that skeptical feeling. There may be some disadvantages too but weighing the pros and cons of hiring a VA, I still try my luck and I am great that I tried! Now, I am enjoying these benefits and you can too. If you will change your mind, I am just an email away waiting to help you grow your business!

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  1. Being a virtual assistant is such a grateful online job experience. The time and effort exerted will never be wasted.

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