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Empowering Women In This Competitive World

Women deserve to be treated nicely. There are many women around the world that are abused and it is sad to hear news about them. I’ve seen and read many abusive stories about women and their battles. Most of them are staying at home mothers who treated badly. What’s worse than this is that the society is tolerating such abuse! And even co-mothers are treating other mothers badly. This breaks my heart.

If I got a chance, I will help many women as much as I can.

  • I want to see them build a career even they are staying at home or at least earn a decent money.
  • I want to bring back their confidence.
  • I want to see them grow.
  • I want them to be a good wife and mother to her children.
  • I want them to gain a good relationship with their family and in-laws.
  • I want to put genuine smiles on their face.

Every woman deserved empowerment. It is sad to see that other woman putting down others, I know that feeling because I’ve been there! Someone put me down but fortunately, my best friends are there to encourage me. There are many women that are highly competitive, what I thought about them is maybe because they are just insecure or unhappy with their lives so what I gave them is simply understanding them. I have nothing to do with them, I can’t even get rid of them! As much as possible, I want to help other people even if I am not that sufficient to help them. I believe that a simple act of kindness makes a real big difference. I created a list of reasons why should we need to empower our fellow women:

  1. A woman is unique and completely different to each other.

I believe that every woman is unique and completely different to each other. The way I dressed up, the way I speak, the way I parent my son, the way I became a wife to my husband, the way I work, etc. I am completely unique so I don’t deserve to have a comparison to a totally different woman beside me.

I just realized of individual’s uniqueness when I was in a clinic waiting for my son’s turn. There are these 2 women who are seemingly having competitions between their kids and I was like, what the hell these women are thinking of?!  I was silently listening to them and I feel pity about their kids. I hate it when a woman compares her child to another woman’s child which is awful!

  1. A woman is a great best friend but can also become your worst enemy.

Fortunately, I have some women who’ve been my best friends for years. I trust them most but I can count them on my fingers, that’s the truth of it. I realized that when you found your greatest friend, you have to keep her for good. I heard a lot of best of friends’ horror stories, yesterday they are the best of friends and then now they are the worst enemies! Oh, I don’t want to experience that! As much as possible, I give time to my best friends even if I am busy. You don’t know when they really need you, a tap on the shoulder or a simple hug can really encourage them.

  1. A woman is full of talents sitting inside of her waiting to be awakened.

I know a lot of women who are talented but never have chances of getting empowerment. I am so glad that I have some friends who thanked me for empowering them, giving them small time jobs. I knew how they feel, I was once in their places! I am so glad that I was also empowered during my delicate times. When I got a chance to land a job and build my career even I was at home, I felt so inspired and satisfied. I became confident and happier with my life. I feel a sense of significance and a self-respect. It’s not about the money I am earning but the talent and passion I am fulfilling.


We are of a great purpose and I believe step by step I am fulfilling mine. I want to help other women too even on my small steps. I don’t have much to give but I still choose to. I don’t have so much time to help but I want to spend a little of my time. I have only a few women who empowered but I can see the big changes they have right now and I feel happy to be a part of their success. When I learn my life lessons, as much as possible I stay away from judging other women why they choose to stay with their current life now. Probably, they just need a little push from someone who truly understands them. Someone to empower them that might be you.

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  1. Agreeing on your #3 list.. “A woman is full of talents”.. Never under estimate a woman’s capacity, or you’ll be surprised on what they can do!

    Very well said, Ms. Nicole!

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