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Kilay Is Life: Threading 101

 I almost make my tummy aches when I heard a joke about eyebrows. This joke is from Filipino language, “Biruin mo na ang lasing, huwag lang ang misis mong na nagkikilay!” (Go mess up with a drunkard but not with your wife who is fixing her brows!) It is better told in Filipino, right! Yeah, Kilay is really life! I will make a series of post about “Kilay” (eyebrows). Now, let’s first talk about threading. I know what you are thinking, the ouches of threading! Before you try it, I will give you a glimpse of threading and its advantages and disadvantages. Feels like I am having a good vibes of becoming a beauty guru, how I wish I can be one! So, now let’s just pretend that I am your “Kilay guru”, I like the sounds of it!


The definition of threading

Threading is an old-fashioned way of shaping the eyebrows. You can use either a cotton thread or even your own hair, just make sure both are clean! It is a method where there are trapping, twisting, and pulling involved, ouch!!! Using the thread or hair, you need to trap a couple of hair brows in between then twist it and quickly pull it upward. I know you are imagining it and I can sense the virtual pain you are experiencing. Don’t worry, it is not that painful! You can also use this technique in your other unwanted facial hairs.

Who can avail threading

When a beauty technician first offered threading services to me, I was like “Are you sure I need a threading now or can we delay it tomorrow or for at least a week?” I am not prepared for it! So, let’s check this list of qualifications who can avail threading services:

  • If you have a low pain tolerance, be sure to have some mental preparations and accompany someone who you can pinch or you can also pinch your threading technician after the service!
  • If you have your period, don’t do it. Your estrogen levels are so low so threading will damage your skin and might create deep scars.
  • If you are pregnant, a big no-no. It is greatly not advisable, you can even ask your OB-Gyne why. Threading might induce contractions.
  • If you are nursing, it will not affect your milk supply but please do not bring your baby to the salon to prevent chemical intoxication. Or you can ask your threading technician if she can do a home service.
  • If you have a heart attack, asthma, or other stress-triggered medical conditions, please consult your doctor first. (I am not frightening you but we just wanted to make sure about it.)

The advantages of threading

#1: Beautifully-shaped eyebrows

I tried so many techniques but so far, I love the effect of threading. The result is beautiful and stunning. It can easily shape my eyebrows in my desired shape.

#2: 100% natural

Yeah, it is, No chemical involved here! I love threading because it is 100% natural. Sometimes, my skin is so sensitive and as much as possible I want natural techniques and products.

#3: 100% sanitized

As long as you use either a clean cotton thread or hair, it is 100% sanitized. After using it, you can throw them and no need to sanitize again for the next use.

#4: Minimal time spent

Unlike other eyebrow-shaping techniques, threading will only take about 2 to 5 minutes of your time. If you are already a professional or your beauty technician is a 100% pro, it will take only a minute or 2.

#5: Possibility of permanent result

Who doesn’t want a permanent result? I love threading because there is a great possibility that it will yield to a long-term result. The hair follicle will have damages with regular threading, this will prevent the growing of hair when it is totally damage. So, when the hair isn’t growing, you will have permanent beautifully-shaped eyebrows!

The disadvantages of threading

#1: It is hard to find a beauty technician who is specialized in threading

Yes, it is really hard to find one. There are only a few threading professionals in our area, I have no idea in your area. But according to my sister, there are also few in her area.

#2: The ouch of threading

It is really painful, but only at first. The feeling is so uncomfortable, who say’s twisting and pulling is comfortable plus that “pain that is too soon”. But there is no gain without a pain.

#3: It is not easy to do it yourself

At first, it is not really easy. I am still having skeptical feelings of trying it to myself! I may have a confident to try it to someone else’s eyebrow (yea, I need a volunteer!) I still don’t try it, I am too afraid!

#4: Breaking hair

According to a beauty technician I have a small talk with, threading can also break the hair. When the hair is already broken, it is not able for threading because the hair needs at least 1/16 inch. So after the hair breaks, you need to wait for it to grow sufficient.

#5: Not suitable for the body

As much as you want to thread your legs, it cannot be done. Threading is only applicable to the face, it is invented to shaped eyebrows and to remove facial hairs that are unnecessary.



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The cost of threading

Threading is a little bit expensive when compared to other eyebrow-shaping techniques. The cheapest threading service that I found is around 100 pesos ($2+) and that is for the two eyebrows. I noticed that threading can give you a nicer result that will last for at least a month or at most 3 months- yeah, that long! You can compute and compare what is the cheapest, I will give you the price for other eyebrow-shaping techniques soon. Only you can tell if threading is worth your money or not. As for me, so far, I love threading. Watch out for my other reviews about tweezing, waxing, trimming, and other eyebrow-shaping techniques! Happy threading!


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