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10 Amazing Makeup Tips and Tricks

I love using makeup, in fact, I have some of my favorites that I will review later. My most favorite kind of makeup is lip tints, I love every color and I lose counting them (yeah, I have so many)! I am also a huge fan of makeup apps and I keep taking selfies of myself and editing them in my favorite app. As I use my makeup for almost every day (yeah, I used it even when I am at home, ha-ha!), I learned so many lessons and decided to write them down so I can share it with you! Are you excited for it?! I bet, you are!

So, let’s tackle them one by one.

#1: Airbrushed effect

I recently bought a set of makeup brush but honestly, I still have no clear idea on how to use each of them! Am I crazy or just an impulse buyer?! Before I bought my newest makeup brush set, I use this magical effect. I use a regular brush that I have been using in my blush on and dab it in my favorite blush on. I swirl the brush on my cheek bone in a circular motion to my hairline before the ears. Even if you don’t have an airbrush, this method will give you the effect you desired of.

#2: No-no swelling eyes

I find myself crying in the night while I am watching my favorite shows and this makes my eyes puff in the morning! Yikes, one day I watched a heavy Korean drama and the next morning my eyes are swelling! Lucky me, I don’t have any appointment and I just stayed in the house the whole day. I found out that cold water is great for swelling eyes, simply splash it in your eyes right after you wake up. Ta-da! Your eyes are back on track!

#3: Another no-no: lip licking

I hate dry lips, during this cold seasons my lips are chapped and I hate the feeling! I usually licked my lips because I feel that my lips are drying so I keep them dehydrated by licking. But lately, my dentist notice my chapping lips when I had an appointment with her and advise me to stop it immediately. The bad habit is unknowingly making my chapped lips worse so I had to stop it immediately. I learned that the saliva is drying the lips even more so she told me to use a soothing lip balm or petroleum jelly instead.

#4: Eyeshadow for long-lasting lipstick

Every woman wants a long-lasting lipstick but this kind of lipstick is kinda expensive. So, what’s the last resort? Yeah, fake brands! But they aren’t proven safe and effective! Here is a trick that you will love. After you apply your lipstick, topped it with your eyeshadow with a matching shade. This will give you a long-lasting lipstick and a matte finish too!




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#5: Retouch using oil

Isn’t annoying if your foundation is already running and you need to retouch but have no proper place or you are too shy to do it? Don’t worry, you can use a small amount of oil, even your baby’s oil to retouch your skin. Dab the oil on your cheeks, just a little amount of it will do. This will make your face glow, make sure you don’t overdo it.

#6: ATM for volume eyelashes

I love my lashes, even if they aren’t that long! I use a simple trick to get my desired volume. Using an ATM card (you can use any card), I place it behind my lashes. Then I apply my mascara from roots to tips just the usual way I do it without the card and voila! I have a volume eyelashes! This is very easy to do and I love this trick because it is mess-free!

#7: Don’t throw that soft eyeliner

I want my eyeliner hard, when it is soft it will just smudge on my face and I don’t like it! I am having a hard time sharpening my soft eyeliner, too bad because it is my favorite. I read before that I can freeze it to make it hard and easier to sharp and use. So I give it a try and yes, it works like magic!

#8: Removing makeup instantly

Makeup removal isn’t easy especially when you have so many layers. I love my makeup remover but sometimes I am having difficulties. So one day, I add a few drops of baby oil on my cotton ball which already has my makeup remover. I am so surprised with the result! My makeup removes in an instant! Even coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil work too!

#9: Forget the blush

One day, I forgot my blush on and I am looking pale! I will meet an old friend that day so I don’t want to look pale and dull. I only had my lipstick with me. I rushed to the toilet a minute before our meet up, my only resort is my lipstick so I had no other choice. I am too shy to borrow someone’s blush on in the mall’s comfort room and it is not hygienic at all. I also have no time to go to the department store’s makeup section to apply some blush on tester there! So, I give my faith to my lipstick and hoping it will work. I am so surprised, I like it and the feeling is not sticky and not heavy! Sometimes even when I have my blush on with me, I still prefer my lipstick!

#10: 1 eyeshadow for 2 events

One day I had 2 events that needed to attend to. In the afternoon, I need to accompany my son to a children’s party and after that, I had a besties’ night out. So, I need a glamorous makeup that will suit the two events because I have no time for retouch! So I decided to blend two eye shadow colors and I love the new shade! It is perfect for the besties’ night out and suite the party without intimidating the kids. I love this trick and I will do it over and over again!

Ops, I have a bonus tip for you! Buy makeup that is rich in vitamin C, E, B#, and zinc- they are all good for the skin! And of course, don’t forget your sun protection, look for SPF 15 or 30! Stay beautiful and fabulous, girl! XoXo!


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