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Review: Beautylabo Hair Color (Creamy Ash)

Hello ladies! I’m here again for another product review. Who loves to Do-It-Yourself color hair? Well, I’m the one who often does it to myself. 

Last week, I saw the beautylabo in a drug store so I review if it’s easy to use and I chose the color of creamy ash, I want to try something new color. I bought two Beautylabo Hair color and I just use one (1) box of it. Here those my “Before” Photos before coloring my hair with Beautylabo Hair color. 

The kit contains

  1. Cream Colorant Pack
  2.  Cream developer Bottle
  3. Nozzle
  4. Protective Gloves
  5. Instruction Leaflet

Warning: Before Use

Beautylabo Hair color is from Thailand. Here the instruction how to use it.

  • Always conduct a Skin Allergy Test 48 hours before each time you color your hair.
  • Make sure that your hair is dry and clean.
  • If your hair is dirty, contains excessive hair styling products, hair oil, temporary hair colors or metallic powders, wash your hair with shampoo the day before using this product.
  • Remove glasses, contact lenses and metallic objects (e.g. earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, etc.)
  • Cover your clothing with a cape or towel.
  • Apply waterproof cream (e.g. cold cream) around your ears, neck, and hairline to prevent staining. 

How to Use?


  • Wear the Protective Gloves. Squeeze the full contents of the Cream Colorant Pack into the Cream Developer Bottle.
  • Recap the Bottle tightly with the cap.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously up and down at least 30 minutes until mixture is totally blended.
  • Immediately unscrew the cap and attach the nozzle.

2. Full Head Application

  • Check before application – Make sure how much of the mixture comes out from the nozzle before application.
  • Front, Side & Back – Apply the mixture to the root area with the applicator. For the back of the head, apply from top to neckline with the downstroke. Massage in gently with your hands when the mixture is thoroughly applied.
  • Middle to end – Squeeze out the mixture to your palm and apply with your hands.
  • Massage with your hands – Gently works into hair with your hands to ensure that the whole hair is completely and evenly saturated with the mixture.
  • Development – Leave it for 30 minutes.

3. Rinsing Off

  • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. 
  • Shampoo well, finishing with conditioner. 
  • Style as usual.

Here are my photos after used Beautylabo Hair color. (I used 1 box only and then used another box to re-apply it in the next day.)

I think it didn’t work to my hair, and I’m okay with the result to my hair. But I saw some other review that they’re really happy with the result. Maybe, next time. 

Is it easy use?

Yes, it’s easy to use. And really perfect especially for beginners.

Rate: 1 – 10 

5 only.

Where did you buy it?

You can buy it at any Watson store. 

How much is that?

It’s P239 pesos. Price may varies.

Do you consider to try it again?

Honestly, no.

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Xo, Nicole 

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