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Mom’s Sanity: Creative Ways on How Not To Lose It

Yup, you read it right. Mom’s sanity is not exempted in losing of, admit it or not, and you have at least one moment in your life that you break down. Well, it is normal as we are humans and we can feel pain, exhaustion, tiredness, and a lot of disappointments. As a woman, our expectations are high, most of the times, higer than our husbands. So this is where the problem begins. Getting insane is easy, trust me, you’ll see how messy your house is then you’ll suddenly go crazy. Good thing, you can avoid getting insane. I’ll give you some tips that work great for me. Hope this article will also help you not to lose your sanity.


Yes, prayer helps a lot, if you are starting to feel discouraged and almost breaking down your heart, bow down your knees and pray. Cry to God if you want, pray and you’’ eventually have the peace you are looking for and keep your mom’s sanity.

Breathe in Breathe Out

Relax, do not get easily driven by your emotions. Control your worries, your fears, your fits of anger. Take time to do some inhales and exhales and think why you are doing these things, your motivation, your compassion to your husband and kids.


Once in a while, go out unwind with your friends or with your partner. Do not bring the kids with you. Make it a habit of relaxing at least twice a month- date your husband or go alone and shop. Make your “me” time or your “couple” time so you’ll still have some time for yourself. Develop a healthy lifestyle to avoid stress and anxiety.

Follow Your Passion

Do at least one thing that makes you happy. If you love gardening, then do it, or if you enjoy cooking then cook. One or two things that define you make sure not to forget about your passion and sharpen the skills inside you. Having a family doesn’t mean that you will forget about yourself, do something for yourself that your future self will thank you for. The more you do something you love, the more you will become relaxed and keep your mom’s sanity

Open With Your Partner

Have a one on one conversation with your partner, open up your feelings to him. Tell him that you are not complaining, you want to let it out and seek advice on what to do. Tell him how stressful your life has become, also let him tell his feelings too. Just make sure to talk to your partner as gentle as you can, and avoid bringing this into an argument. There should not be a weighing of who is earning more, or who is doing more. Your goal is to open up and ask for advice or help from your partner, not to compete.

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Seek for a Domestic Help

If you are able, seek for domestic help. Hire a nanny or a helper in the house, have your dirty clothes be done in a laundry shop or anything that will ease your household chores. Check which tasks make your life difficult and delegate it to others. If you are working at home like me, hiring a helper is a huge help especially if you want to maximize your hours working and taking care of the kids. It may require you an additional cost, but it is a huge help.

As much as I want to control my emotions, there comes a time that you will just burst out. Fortunately, these tips above work great for me and hopefully one or two will also help you in your motherhood journey. Our job is not easy, so as keeping ourselves okay despite the hardships of our everyday lives. Find what will work for you, and you’ll eventually be thanked that a little could make a lot of difference.

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