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Practical Tips On Handling Toddler Disasters While Travelling

As a family, we love to travel, but sometimes, I find it inconvenient especially when you are going with a baby or a toddler. The expected beautiful moments can start getting ugly once the kid starts his drama called tantrums, then toddler disasters follow. How many of us are parents experiencing travel dilemmas when travelling with small children? Fortunately, I find some useful and practical solutions for this dilemma. But you have to be very patient as not everything works in a swift. Sometimes what works your recent travel will not work for your next. So better be read these tips and see if these will work correctly with your toddler.

Know the Cause

There must be something bugging your child if he is acting weird. Sometimes, a cry means a lot so make sure to know the cause. It may be a simple fuzziness due to a stomach ache or perhaps your child is experiencing motion sickness due to the motion of the vehicle. Just ask your child what is wrong and avoid overacting. As much as possible, speak calmly to your child as a calm voice will assure him that everything will be okay. Once you determine which went wrong, stop the car and address it immediately so your child will be relieved, so as you.

Bring a Busy Bag

Bring something that will make your child busy such as a toy box, his favorite teddy, or a coloring pad. Put it in a bag or box so every time you go traveling, you will never forget it. Trust me, and it is a great tool that helps us a lot to make the kids relaxed while moving. Although we haven’t tried traveling via plane, I am sure that bringing some of my kid’s favorite stuff will let us have a peaceful fight.

Divert the Attention

If the toddler is starting to throw his tantrums, immediately direct it with a diversion such as a play, storytelling, or something interesting outside. Anything that will let him forget his drama will be a huge help. Sing along with his favorite nursery rhyme or ask him to recite his body parts. Create something interesting that he won’t resist.

Brings Some Snacks

Yes, snacks are a lifesaver. Sometimes, they are just hungry, but you can’t pull over because you don’t want to miss your schedule. So bring along some snacks and let them get busy by filling their mouth with nutritious food choices.

If All Will Fail, Ignore

Yes, ignoring is an option, but it should be your last resort. If your child is acting weird and you are unable to win the battle, then just let it go. Let the child gave the tantrums out, and unless you are on public transportation, then it is a different thing.

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Handling the child’s emotions can be very difficult especially when traveling where everyone supposed to be doing great and excited about the new memories to be built in the journey. Kids are crazy, but they are also little creatures that need your guidance and unconditional love. Just try to understand them, handle their tantrums, be patient, and most especially love them with all your heart and soul. Travel worry-free and enjoy the moments with your kids, whether they are in a good mood or not. Enjoy traveling with them, and soon, you’ll get rewarded with their sweetness and cuteness overload.

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