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Tips on How To Lose Weight Faster and Aged Gracefully

Lose weight is one of the problems that many are facing. As a mom, it is tough for us to maintain our weight and get back to our pre-pregnancy shape. Some are struggling to lose weight, and some are struggling in gaining weight. Before, I have no idea how our weight contributes to aging until my sister told me that if you are not on your ideal weight and ideal body fats, your body aged older as your usual age. I am also struggling with my weight now, but I am trying my best to have a healthier lifestyle. Lucky I am to have a wellness sister, she sends me these tips on how to lose weight faster so that my body will also match my real age. Hope you will also find below tips helpful:

Drink at Least 3 Liters of Water

Yes, water is essential to keep our body hydrated. My sister told me that 3 liters are the minimum water volume that our body needed to deliver all the nutrients that our organs need. Most of the times, I am experiencing migraine attacks, especially during hot times. My sister told me to keep drinking at least 3 liters of water a day as it helps her battle her migraines too. If you want to lose weight faster, then add up a liter or two to the usual 3 liters of water. There is just one exception, do not drink cold water after you eat something fats like fried food.

Eat 6 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day

If you eat six servings of fruits and vegetables a day, your digestion will thank you a lot for it. But, you have to watch out for sweet fruits, choose fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugar. Also, she said that avoid fruits during the night as it contributes to making our tummy grow bigger than the usual.

Cut Calories Not Food

When we are on a diet, we often cut food. One of the things that I commonly hear is that they don’t eat after 6 in the evening. But my sister told me to eat every 3 hours to make my metabolism works normal but make sure to cut the calories.

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Avoid Single Packaging Food

Single packaging foods are usually high in sugar and fats and sometimes, expensive too. To avoid these types of food and anything instant. If you want to check out, see the nutrition facts label at the back of the packaging and check out if your diet is high in sugar, calories, fats, and sodium.

No Sugary Drinks

Soft drinks, artificial juices, iced tea, energy drinks, iced coffee, and instant coffee- who doesn’t love those? Yes, it can be very addictive especially with coffee, but make sure always to check the label. You can still drink these kinds of beverages, occasionally. For coffee lovers like me, brewed coffee and muscovado is a healthier option.

Eating the right types of food is rewarding, your body will thank you for it. I don’t want to age faster, as much as I want to maintain my figure, I also want to be healthier so I can take care of my family and do more. We all know that when our weight is not on the right track, our body will sacrifice and even creates more mood swings. For now, I am starting to change my lifestyle and aim to target a healthier body.

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