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5 Reasons Why You Must Use A Toner Daily

Many people especially skin-care users are in debate if they should or should not use a toner as a part of their skin-care routine. Many see it as an unnecessary step or is just unclear of the purpose and benefit it brings upon using it.

But for sure, using a toner is vital for your skin-care routine, and will significantly improve the condition of your skin. Here are five reasons why you should include using a toner in your skin-care routine:

Takes Away Dirt and Excess Oil

A toner can serve as an alternative in just washing your face with water, as it can remove more dirt from washing alone that can be found on your face after spending a day outside. Toner is also known for being able to remove excess oil that block your pores and causes blackhead to build up. And if your skin is always susceptible to acne, you can buy a toner that contains salicylic or glycolic acid.

Balances your Skin’s pH

The standard pH of our skin is slightly acidic which is in between of 4-6, or 5.5 to be exact. If we have a skin pH that is too alkaline, it can cause our skin to be prone to infection. Its because the pH of our skin serves as a protective barrier for our body from the outside world such as dirt, pollution, and temperature changes.

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The toner’s purpose is also to stabilize the pH of our skin. Some people are not aware that some soaps and cleansers are too alkaline which causes our skin to be dry so that the toner can counteract the effect of these products

Moisturizes Your Skin

A toner can aid your skin by helping it to receive more moisture thus keeping them healthy and well-balanced skin. Extra moisture for your skin will prevent it from drying especially when you’re out traveling or during the summer. But make sure not to use an alcohol-based toner for it will cause your skin to be dry.

Increases Your Skin’s Protection

When using a toner, it helps to tighten up pores, therefore, protecting your skin from external contaminants such as disease-causing bacteria that can invade your our body through our skin. Toners can also remove other compounds that can also cause our skin to be dry such as chlorine and minerals that we get from using tap water when we wash our skin.

Goes Well With Your Skin-care Routine

Different kinds of toner available contain different ingredients which can kill acne-causing bacteria, supply antioxidants, stimulate blood circulation, etc. For your skin-care routine, you can consider using a toner in between of washing your face or using a cleanser and putting some moisturizer. In this way, after you apply a toner, the active ingredients in your moisturizer or serums can enter deeper into your skin which will give you a well-protected skin.

A toner comes with a lot of benefits especially when you find the right one for your skin.

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