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5 Powerful Tips To Calm Your Child During a Tantrum at The Mall

Are you having a hard time to calm your child inside a mall? Actually, not only at the mall, almost everywhere it seems they just throw tantrums that easy. Yes, I know the exact feeling of it. I feel kinda embarrassed, pissed, and failure as a mother. But, those feelings were gone, I learned my lessons and moved on. To be honest, it is hard to handle a child’s tantrums, sometimes it really feels depressing. Thankfully, there is a powerful way that works for me. I will teach you how to tame the tantrums of your child, if this fails, go ahead and throw your tantrums too. Anyways, mothers are allowed to be insane sometimes. Kidding aside, kindly follow these 5 amazing tips and surely, you’ll have a calmer child.

Tip #1: Stay Calm as Much as Possible

Yes, it is easy to say this but very hard to do if you are on such situation. The best reaction a parent can have is to stay calm, no shouting, no sharp eye contact, no bad-mouthing! Your child is acting up because there is a reason, so stay calm and find out that reason.

Tip #2: Ignore Your Child

As the elders said, ignore a child and he will stop on his tantrums. Sometimes this works, but sometimes not, so make sure to know when to ignore your child. If you are on public area and you are becoming a center of attention, this is a time that ignoring is not a good solution. If the child having a tantrums over a toy or something he wanted to buy, then it is the time for ignoring. You’ll get surprised that the child will just follow your league.

Tip #3: Make an Irresistible Distraction

Yes, it really works for us. When we are travelling, one of the essentials we have is a child busy book or something he can get busy with. Handling two boys is not easy, especially if we go to the mall, eat out, and do the grocery thing. You’ll never know when will tantrums will get by so make sure there is a perfect distraction for that.

Tip #4: Hold the Child’s Hand or Give a Loving Hug

Touch therapy works. When there is a tantrums, the child feels alone, neglected, and out of attention. If you can, give him a little hug or hold your child’s hand, massage gently and he will start to calm your child.

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Tip #5: Ask Your Child What Went Wrong

Communication is very important, when it is perfect timing, ask your child what happened. He may get upset by something that remind him of, or maybe an acted up stomach, or an insect bites. Make sure to listen and talk to your child about it, this will help to calm your child.

Giving in to your child’s tantrums is the easiest way but you don’t want to do that. Make sure to give assurance to your child that his tantrums will be solved as you are here to help. Parenting sometimes sucks and tantrums make it harder. Don’t worry, try these tips I mentioned above and your kid will soon get over with the tantrums. After all, they may be just wanted some of your attention. Mommy Blogger Pehpot got tips on how to prevent feels on toddlers.

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