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5 Basic Travel Essentials You Should Not Forget When Traveling With The Whole Family

Traveling with the whole family is a beautiful experience you shouldn’t miss. One must travel at least twice a year to get to the most beautiful places and keep amazing adventures. They said that traveling let you get closer to your loved ones. So, starting this year, we will make sure to have pleasant memories from traveling even if our kids are still little. Also, you should try traveling with your spouse alone, at least once a year. They said it is important to rekindle the spark in your relationship, after all, the family will get stronger if the husband and wife have alone time traveling the world.

I plan ahead of our traveling journey, and aside from the destination, our traveling essentials are also planned out carefully so we will not miss anything. Here are our top 5 basic travel essentials:

Traveling Basic Kit

Aside from our clothes, there is basic traveling stuff we won’t miss. Make sure to pack enough clothes, but do not do overpacking. Here are some basic things you shouldn’t forget packing:


Kids’ toiletries, diaper bag, and car seat

Kids’ busy bag full of toys, activities, and other exciting stuff


Apparel suitable for the destination

Wet wipes and tissue

Tech Equipment

Do not forget about the gadgets such as pocket wifi, camera, phones, tablets, etc. Do not merely rely on the hotel’s tech equipment especially when you are planning to work a bit while on vacation. Bring an HD camera or phone to capture breathtaking sceneries and once in a lifetime moment with your loved ones.

First-aid and Emergency Kits

The emergency comes in a sudden so make sure to pack a first-aid kit that includes alcohol, cotton, gauze, iodine solution, band-aid, allergy medicines, pain reliever, etc. Don’t forget your vitamins too and maintenance if applicable. Also, bring raincoats, flashlight, swiss knife, and a toolkit for your vehicle.


Bring your IDs, and other documents you may be needed such as a passport, driver’s license, etc. You may also need other documents if you travel abroad especially with kids. Make a list of the travel documents that you will be needing. If your travel is only local, bring some ID that might be useful. Also, secured a map and necessary permits if needed.

Food and Drinks

Of course, don’t forget to pack your food and drinks. If you have a long trip ahead and traveling with kids, food and beverages are a lifesaver. Just make sure to pack food that is appropriate in your journey, avoid food that might dehydrate you or might upset your stomach.

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Your traveling journey should be worry-free, make sure to create beautiful memories with your family by planning ahead of time. Make a list of your itinerary, also, do budgeting so you won’t go overspending. You should also check the destination’s reviews, and nearby places you can go along with your family to avoid getting disappointed. Just remember to keep the memories beautiful and enjoy the journey.

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