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How To Prepare Your First Born Child For The Coming of The Second Baby

Having a child is a blessing, especially if you waited for getting conceived for a long time. Getting pregnant for the second baby can be a little bit challenging as you gently break the news to your firstborn. Just like what happened to us, announcing the second pregnancy is not easy since we don’t want to get our first born a little bit overwhelmed with the coming of the next baby. So, what we did is a lot of efforts and patience can succeed that we will share in this blog post.

Read Family Stories to Your Kid

Get your kid educated with how the family built and what are the roles of each one in the family. Let the child see that it is possible to have a sibling, whether a brother or a sister. See if he is open to having one by encouraging him that it will be fun to have another kid in the house.

Play Pretend Roles

Switch roles with your child, play pretend that you are the upcoming baby so your first born will be aware of it. Then make up some stories and play along, see how the child will react.

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Bring Your Child to Your Checkup

On your next appointment, bring your child with you. Let the child hear the heartbeat of the second child and the ultrasound. Encourage him with enticing words and feeling of excitement.

Give Responsibility to Your Child

During pregnancy, explain to your child the things that you will go through, just like when he was in your tummy. Then give him little responsibilities like gently massaging mommy’s back, singing songs to his sibling in your belly, giving you your vitamins, etc. Let him be a part of your pregnancy so he’ll care for his sibling even it is still in your tummy.

Tell Your Child The Expectations

Let your child know what to expect such as crying times, sleepless moments, breastfeeding, nap time, etc. Prepare your child to what is coming, let him know that taking care of a baby makes a lot of time. Mommy and daddy need help, and he can be a help too.

Date Your Child Out

Have alone time with your child, date once in a while. Bring him to a shopping, pick match outfits of him and the upcoming baby.

Give a Big-Bro/Big-Sis Welcoming Gift

Accompany him to go shopping for his sibling such as a welcome to the world gift. Also, prepare a gift for your first born on the day of his new brother/sister arrival.

We are so blessed that our firstborn son is ready to have his little brother, although there are moments that he gets pissed with his little brother, his love and care to him still tops it all. We loved seeing them bond and play together, hoping to grow them with brotherly love.

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