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Eat These Fruits and Vegetables To Help You Stay Beautiful

Women often get frustrated to stay beautiful. There are many beauty regimens available in the market. Some of these regimens are proven safe and effective. Though these regimens help a lot in making the outward appearance healthier, there is a better alternative for such. Staying healthy inside will give you a more robust outside too. If you eat healthy food, then you’ll have glowing and happier skin also. The skin is one of the most noticeable when it comes to beauty so make sure to keep it healthier than ever. Did you know that food helps a lot to keep you beautiful especially with fruits and vegetables? We’ll pick some fruits and vegetables that will help you to be glowing than ever.

Here are some fruits and vegetables that will help you stay beautiful:


When it comes to fats, avocado is rich of it. However, it is the kind of fats that our body needed, most especially the heart. Its taste is unique, as well as the texture. It composed of polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols which are essential to keep the skin protected. It also aids in repairing DNA. So eating avocados will make you look younger and more beautiful.


When it comes to lycopene, a tomato is on top. It is great for our heart and helps reduce the risks of getting a stroke. It is also linked to preventing prostate cancer in men. Aside from these, tomatoes can help your skin protected. As the sun continuously produces UV rays, the tomato is rich in vitamin C which keeps you from these harmful rays. But remember that you need to cook tomatoes to maximized its lycopene and make you stay beautiful.


This ruby-red colored fruit is very rich in antioxidants. It decreases inflammation and keeps the skin protected from the damaging sun. Aside from it, pomegranate is a yummy treat too.


Have you ever wondered why papaya soap is very famous? It is because papaya is excellent for the skin. It helps in smoothening and lightens the skin. It also aids in keeping away wrinkles.


This fruit is prevalent in the Philippines and perhaps, one of the cheapest too! Banana is rich in potassium which is ideal to be eaten daily especially for moms. Aside from potassium, it is also rich in zinc. It helps in fighting bacterial infection. Banana peel can be an excellent regimen for your face. It is also good for skin elasticity which makes you look younger than your age. The younger you look, the more beautiful you feel, right?


Yes, the doctor recommended an apple a day. It is because it is rich in vitamin C and an excellent aid for your skin. It makes the skin looks glowing and lighten its hue. So, an apple a day, keep the derma away! Keep this in mind.


One of the most favorite fruit juice in our country, orange. It is high in vitamin C too and makes the skin radiantly glowing. If you don’t want to have blackheads, make it a habit of drinking or eating oranges. It also treats acne and even makes the skin lightening.

We are what we eat, as they said. So make sure to eat healthier food options. Always add a serving of fruits and vegetables in your meal. Eat between 5 to 6 servings per day. Eating any of these yummy treats above every day will leave a more beautiful you. So, stay a beautiful girl!

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