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Check These Practical Tips on How to Take Care of Your Make Up Brushes to Last Long

Women love wearing makeup not only women adore the transformation it brings. Makeup probably one of the first lovable stuff a girl must have. If you would ask me, I like doing the makeup things and sometimes, playing with my stuff makes me relaxed.

It is fun to do makeup, and soon I will be writing and doing more videos on how I do it. It’s because I am a Kikay, I love beauty stuff, and of course, I make sure that I give my beauty tools proper care. How about it, how do you take care of your beauty tools? Let’s start with makeup brushes, and I am sure most of us are unaware of how we really should care for these lovely brushes.

What Cleanser to Use?

There are brush cleansers in the market that you can use, however, the best agent is a gentle cleanser. If your brush is made of natural hairs, it needs delicate care to avoid using a regular soap as it may dry and damage your make up brush. Use a gentle cleanser and water to clean it for a safe choice.

  • Even if it is made of synthetic hair, makeup brushes are commonly delicate since it is made for your face so make sure to keep it clean gently and adequately.

    How Often Should You Clean?

  • Makeup brushes can be clean at least twice a month for a better and hygienic purpose. If you are using the makeup brushes on a regular basis, on a single person, then it is great to clean it every two weeks. But if you are a makeup artist, or something related to that profession, make it a habit to clean your make up brushes every day to keep it sanitary and avoid transferrable illness from the skin to skin such as eczema and warts.

    What Are The Steps To Do It?

  • #1: Gently wet the brush bristles using lukewarm water. Then make sure all bristles are wet thoroughly. #2: Massage the brush with a gentle DIY makeup cleanser, as if you are massaging a baby’s delicate hair. #3: Clean off the bristles using lukewarm water.

#4: Use a clean cotton cloth to remove the excess water in the makeup brush by squeezing. #5: Gently reshape brush by using your bare hands. Step #6: Position the brush laying down. Having the bristles at the edge of a corner so it will get dry naturally without deforming its shape.

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Additional Tips To Remember

If you forgot to clean your brush on a regular basis, check this additional tips. First, avoid using it if it irritates your skin. Second, if it has an off odor then it means that you need to clean it. Third, if the bristles are wearing off from the brush itself then it is time to replace it. Try to find a new one and make sure to take care of it properly.

Remember that a makeup brush is one of the most used beauty tools so make sure to maintain its function by taking care of it regularly. Once you keep it well maintained, you’ll know the difference, and your skin will thank you for it.

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