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What Causes Skin Sagging And How To Treat It

Your skin can be one of the indicators that you are getting old, by having a sagging skin. It can be seen on your arms, neck, or primarily on your face. Sure skin sagging is inevitable as we grow old. But different factors can also cause the skin to slump at a faster rate. But hold your horses, if there are factors that can cause our skin to sag more there are also things on how we can prevent or slow it down from happening.

Different Factors That Affect Skin Sagging

  • Aging- It is the primary and natural reason why our skins sag.  As we get old, the production of materials that keep our skin young and healthy are slowing down. First is elastin, which is the protein that keeps our skin from hanging loose, and collagen which makes up most of our skin and keeps it healthy and vibrant.
  • Exposure to sunlight- too much exposure to sunlight may cause the elastin and collagen in our skin to break down easily. Prolonged sunlight exposure can also cause us to have wrinkles, brown spots or even skin cancer.
  • Bad Habits- Vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol causes harmful chemicals to enter our skin and body which can also contribute to skin sagging. Lack of sleep and exercise, poor diet, and lack of water can also affect our skin negatively.

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How To Treat Skin Sagging

  • Stay moisturized- Keeping your skin’s moisture regularly is the first line of defense to keep your skin from sagging. Make sure to use a moisturizer that contains vitamins’ A and C, hydroxyl acid and other compounds that can keep your skin healthy. It also won’t hurt to take some antioxidants and vitamins that can also enhance your skin’s quality.
  • Exfoliate- Washing your skin with baking soda at least once a week can prevent your skin from skin sagging and having wrinkles. It removes dead skin cells, tightens your pores, and give your skin a smooth complexion. Or you can try to blend a slice of pineapple with a spoonful of powder milk and apply it to your skin for 15 minutes to get rid of your loose skin. Make sure to rinse it with warm water.
  • Apply a Mask- The skin close to your eyes is the fastest part to sag down because it’s thin and fragile. The solution to this is to have a cucumber mask around your eyes. You can just put a slice of cucumber on your eyes, or blend it and strain to remove excess water and then apply around your eyes for a more effective result. For your whole face, you can mix natural yogurt, oats and grated orange and use it to your face for 20 minutes.
  • Surgical- Lastly, if the skin sagging is too prominent you can go to a cosmetic surgery and dermatology clinic to be able to assess it and give you different treatments or operations such as radiofrequency treatments, laser treatments, or facelift surgeries.

You are the one responsible for taking care of your skin, what you do will tell how your skin will be in a matter of years.

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