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Rekindle the Fire Between You and Your Partner Even You Are Busy Being Good Parents

Raising a family has never been easy. Whoever you may ask will agree. How much more in rekindle the fire between you and your partner. As the days go by, we get to be busier and taken some things for granted. When we get married, our partners are our number one priority. However, things are different when the baby comes in. A sad reality in life, most of the times, married couples don’t have time for each other.

Admit it or not, there is at least one single moment that you have taken your partner for granted. Well, as a mom, perhaps it is challenging for us. We have the husband to take care of, the kids, the house, and a lot of things. The tendency is you will forget to rekindle the fire between the two of you. It is a sad reality that we don’t usually dwell into. I’ve seen a lot of marriages fall because of this very reason. So, in this blog, we will tackle a little more about it.

Here are some tips for you on how you will rekindle the fire of love:

Open Communication

Always establish open communication with your partner. Never hide anything, even if you feel frustrated in life. Miscommunication can lead to a lot of disasters. So make sure that there is a couple of time that both of you can use to rekindle the fire between your relationship. Your partner must not be just your spouse, he/she should be your best friend too!

Date on a Regular Basis

Mark a time of a week, or once every two weeks to date your spouse. Make sure to keep it as a habit, never break it. Go out without the kids, could be a movie date, or just walking in the neighborhood. Trust me, alone time with your partner will create a lot of happy memories.

Always Say Compliment Things About Your Partner

Be the first person to compliment your partner. Say something good about him/her, and even things turn unexpectedly bad. If he/she has done something nice, tell that you appreciate it. Even in a regular day, compliment how your partner looks good or sexy.

Stay Attractive

Always make sure to keep an attractive aura for your partner. But never overdo it. Not necessarily that you will go to the parlor or wear makeup to look beautiful. Just take a shower and brush every day. Wear pleasant but wholesome clothes. Also, as much as possible, touch your partner more often. Hug and kiss more often, even on just a random day. Never go out of the house without kissing, the same goes when you come back home. Say that you missed him/her.

Try New Sexy Stuff

Be adventurous. The fire can be rekindled by doing weird but fun stuff. Like going on hiking, glamping near the beach, or anything you haven’t tried before. Travel with your partner alone and enjoy beautiful memories.

Most of the times, married couples prioritized the kids much more. And this often leads to falling out of love with your spouse. Yes, the kids are God’s gift, and we should take care of them. But remember, your partner is God’s first gift to you, the kids are just bonuses. So make sure always to take care of your partner too. Being busy is not an excuse, you can never bring back the time you have lost. Stay married and always have time for your spouse!

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