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Check These Make-up Remover Alternatives

Applying makeup can be exceedingly fun, bring you a lot of satisfaction and give you that extra shine and confidence. But removing it with a make-up remover can also be a bit challenging. Some makeup can be easily removed by a splash of water, but there are some that can be hard to remove. So you use a specific make-up remover for your face. Remember, you need to remove your make up before going to bed so you won’t look old

Having a make-up remover of your own in your beauty bag is one of the main priorities of most women, especially those who wear their makeup on a daily basis. It is also one of the important steps in your before-bed skin-care program. But take note that it can be expensive to buy those make-up removers frequently.

Here are some alternatives that you can use as a make-up remover and can also give your skin some extra benefit:

Petroleum Jelly

Yes, you’re reading it right. We use vaseline usually for our dry skin or to heal our wounds. But it is also one of the most recommended alternative make-up remover. You can buy it for a cheap price and one jar can last longer than your usual make-up remover.  It can even serve as a moisturizer and is so powerful that it can remove the waterproof mascaras or the long-lasting matte lipsticks that are even harder to remove. You can apply it directly to your face and wipe off with a cotton or put a portion of it on a cotton and swab it on your face to remove makeup.

Different Kinds of Oil

We also know that various kinds of oil can bring a lot of use to our skin and one of it is their ability to remove makeup. Let’s take olive oil for example, aside from using it on your hair and lips, you can also use it in your face as a make-up remover. Coconut oil is also up for the job as a make-up remover, and brings some extra benefit to your skin as a moisturizer, help fade scars from acne, or in taking away pigmentations.

And the last two to our list is almond oil and avocado oil. Almond oil can also be used as a make-up remover and is also known to slow down skin aging, lessen dark circles, and enhance your complexion. While avocado oil contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3. Use these kinds of oil by gently massaging it on your face then wipe it off with a washcloth afterwards.

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Baby Products

It is true! Baby products are not strictly made only for babies, you can also use it as your make-up remover. The baby oil contains mineral oil or other kinds of oil like olive oil, almond oil and etc. that can easily remove makeup. Just massage it gently in circles on your face and make sure to use a face wash after to remove that excess oil on your face after removing makeup.

Also, surprisingly enough, you can use baby shampoo just like any other face wash, it is so comforting and can remove makeup because of one of its ingredients which is lauric acid that is derived from coconut oil. And last but not the least, your baby’s body lotion also works well to remove makeup by massaging your face with it and then rubbing it off with a washcloth gently.

Remember, it’s not bad to go with the alternatives, as long as it does its job!

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