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How Old Does Your Skin Looks Like?

They say that your age can be known by how your skin looks like. But how is it that there are people who look younger than they are? Or vice versa? Well, it depends on how you take care of your skin or it can be all on the genes.

Skin aging starts to show around the mid 20’s. Well, add up the factors that your skin is daily exposing itself from the sunlight, smoke, and other external elements that can affect skin aging. With exposure to this stuff, your skin might age older than your actual age. Many factors can tell how old is your skin. The signs can be different for each person.

So here are some of them:

Dry Skin

Our body produces moisture to our skin. Its main purpose is to keep it from drying. But as we get old, the production slows down. Prolonged exposure of your skin under the sun will cause dry skin. Or if you have a terrible habit of smoking, it will make your skin dry. Make sure that you drink the suggested amount of water per day or include in your diet some watery fruits and vegetables. You can also apply moisturizers on your skin on a regular basis.

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Skin Spots

Sunspots, brown or dark spots, or age spots, all these spots can indicate how old is your skin. You get sun spots or dark spots when you expose yourself to too much sunlight, and hyperpigmentation starts and produce too much melanin causing your skin to have dark spots. Age spots are the natural spots that is producing when the body quickly releases melanocytes causing them to clump together. Make sure that if you’re going on a summer vacation or if you’re working under the sun, to wear lotion with SPF protection.  

Lines and Wrinkles

These lines and wrinkles that start to show up on your face or elbows are caused by the lack of elastin and collagen in your skin. The production of these two materials slows down as we get older or may also be affected by external factors. The skin near our mouth which frequently moves when we talk or eat is the part most prone to have wrinkles. And also the skin around or below our eyes may form wrinkles that we call “crow’s feet”. These lines and wrinkles can be prevented from showing by keeping it moisturized with natural alternatives or by drinking vitamins and antioxidants.

Dark Circles

When people say you look tired it’s probably because of the dark circles that they see below your eyes. It is mostly seen under the eyes because of its thin skin structure. Dark circles can also appear as we age but it is mainly caused because of lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, or exhaustion. So make sure that you take have sufficient hours of rest, drink lots of water, and keep yourself from getting too exhausted.

How you take care of your skin, can greatly influence how old your skin will look like!

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