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This Colourtints will make you obsess.

Does anyone here wear a lip tint all day? Are you new into a lip tint? This days lip tints are the best trend in Asia, and I thought I found the best in me. Most of the lip tint I’ve tried are good to me but not the best at all. Well, that’s why I’m here, I will share something you will love for sure!

Last month, I was looking for a stuff to give to my team that I really want my team to appreciate and I thought this lip tint from Colourette so, I bought two colourtints and the shade is “Piper”. I’m really happy because they would love it and thanked me a lot for that. The next day, I bought their trend or everyone’s radar. The shades are “Zola” and “Sage”. Sage is re-formulated and it seems the new Sage is totally fit to the morena beauty.

Colourette is a local brand here in the Philippines, and my perspective on their goal is to fit all their products on Filipina beauty.

If you want a fresh look or natural look, go for Sage. Honestly, I’m so in love with Sage, it has a little magic when you blend it along with your cheeks and lips. I wear it every day although I’m just home. 😅 here are my photos.

When Worn the Sage
When Worn the Zola



Here is my photo of my swatch.


If you want something that you look prettier go for Zola.

All of their Colourtints are oil-based which is good because it will not leave an unwanted stain on your cheek and lips, and it’s easy to blend.

What do I love with Fresh and Matte Colourtints?

  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to blend
  • The smell is good
  • Long-lasting if you apply it in 3 layers.
  • Worth the price.
  • Natural Color Pay-Off
  • Intensely Blendable
  • Hyper Lasting Powder
  • Lightweight Satin Finish
  • Boldly Pigmented
  • Comfortable Finish

What I don’t like?

  • It’s too long to wait to dry.

Not convinced? Watch my demonstration here – My Newest Colourette Colourtints

Do you own one of Colourette Colourtints or any products of them? Share your review on the comment below!


Xo, Nicz 💝


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