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What’s on The Trend: Contouring and Highlighting

Since I’ve begun doing makeup on my face, I love how it works. With the basics of makeup, I feel beautiful. Not knowing there is more to being beautiful alone such as contouring and highlighting. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Both need a proper application to emphasized the beauty of your face. Contouring and highlighting are both been used for makeup transformations nowadays. You can also find a lot of tutorials online. Well, let’s talk about some tips here. So, I’ll give some tips on each part of the face where to highlight and to contour.

Highlighting And Contouring Tips

Your Cheekbones

Flaunting your gorgeous cheekbones is very lovely, however, if you don’t have those perfect cheekbones, you can do highlighting. Many ladies have round and full checks which in case need some contouring to hide those piggy cheeks. Although, getting the cheeks in the limelight is nice, but for girls who have piggy cheeks, there is a lot of differences. In case you have smaller cheekbones, you can do highlighting to emphasize it and bring it a little forward.

Your Forehead

Highlighting your forehead will make it looks bigger than usual. If you want to look smart or have a small forehead, go ahead do some highlighting. It also blends well with contouring while you highlighted it. You can create beautiful illusions with highlighting and contouring on your forehead. If you want t make it look bigger, then you can do your hair push backward and use highlighting and contouring to emphasize the beauty. If you’re not into making it highlighted, you can merely contour it to hide it a little. It works efficiently with ladies who have a full forehead. Contour around the hairline, and you will look fabulous on it.

Your Nose

Typically, the nose doesn’t need highlighting. Most people love contouring the nose which is one of the firsts that received contouring back in the old times. Nose line is trendy among beauty queens in the 80s and up. Luckily, there are many products to define the nose! To make your nose looks smaller and on point, contour on the sides and up under the eyebrows near in the middle. It will correctly make an illusion that you have a perfect nose.

Your Chin

Many girls have problems with their chins, either it looks so sharp, or square, or round. You can highlight your chin and make it look flat and gorgeous. For girls who have square and round jaws, you can do contouring and even highlight and give more plump to your lips.

Your Lips

Plum lips are very in, the plumper it is, the sweeter it has become. You can play with your colors. Some bold colors can make plumper lips, but for some, light colors make their lips plump too. It depends on your skin tone. For me, I like bold colors, and it gives highlight to my lips. On the other hand, adding a lip line will make your lips look smaller than the usual.

No wonder why highlighting and contouring are on trend, both give a new meaning and color to our looks. Actually, a set of highlight and contouring tools will be a great birthday idea for moms. How about you? Do you like doing highlighting and contouring too? I’ll post some pics on my next post!

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