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Tips To Keep The Hair Your Crowning Glory As Always

The key to keeping your hair looking shiny and attractive is by keeping your hair healthy. You need to take care of your hair as much as you take care of your health. Why? Because your hair is your crowning glory.

I make sure that keeping my hair healthy is part of my daily routine. Because having a healthy hair means you also have a healthy body. There are different ways to take care of your hair, from what product to use, or what food to eat.

Here are tips to keep your hair your crowning glory:

Tip #1: Keep away from too much sun

The sun is a vital instrument in keeping one’s body healthy. It helps in the production of different essential components in our body. But take note, “too much sunlight can kill you or regarding our hair, it can kill the keratin protein in your hair.  It can damage your hair by making it dry and can be a lot more problematic for people with color-treated hair. I recommend that you wear a summer hat with a wide brim or go fashionable and use a turban or scarf to spice it up a little bit.

Tip #2: Dry your hair properly

This part is often in not receiving proper attention; we often neglect this to take care of our hair when we’re drying it. Make sure that you don’t pull or strangle your hair when you’re drying it with a towel; you pat it easy to dry. Because too much stretching can cause your hair to be frizzy and tends to break easily. And avoid using too much blow dryers because too much heat can also damage your hair and can also cause split ends, I suggest that you choose the natural way of drying your hair. Another tip, refrain from brushing your hair while it’s wet as it may also cause damage to the ends of your hair.

Tip #3: Take note of the water

Sometimes, the contents in our tap water can also damage our hair. So why not invest in a showerhead that can filter these minerals such as chlorine to keep your hair safe from future damage. It’s also best to take note of swimming pools because they contain a lot of chlorine to keep the water clean, but it sure is not healthy for your hair when you soak it in too much. Make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water or see if they provide shower areas, so you can clean your hair after you swim in the swimming pool to stop chlorine ruining your hair and skin.

Tip #4: Eat healthily

When you eat healthily, you are also keeping your hair healthy. Food that is rich in Protein, Iron, Omega 3, Vitamin A, C, and E, can significantly contribute to keeping your hair healthy. Proteins keep your hair secure and avoid hair loss, so make sure you eat protein-rich food such as chicken and eggs, fish, or dairy products. Iron also keep your hair from falling, because the roots and follicles of your hair get it nutrients from the blood your body supplies.

Remember, keeping your hair your crowning glory all depends on how you well you take care of it.

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