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Why Is Suicide Common To Depressed Moms?

Suicidal is very common to depressed moms around the world. Although depression sometimes doesn’t have any symptoms or no one in the family knows if the mom is suffering from it. The tendency to commit suicide is high especially with moms who are already burnt out with motherhood. Being a mom is not easy, there are lots of challenges, as well as criticism around.

In this article, we will tackle some of the issues why it is happening. No one is exempted, it can be you or a loved one, or a best friend. So read on to this article to stay aware of the suicide issues.

Six Common Reasons Why Moms Committed Suicide


Pregnancy is not easy, and there are moments that you almost give up with the pain and struggles. So as giving birth, plus the post-partum depression that is very common to moms. Post-partum depression is very critical, and it can lead to suicide. If you just gave birth, get easy on yourself and talk with your partner. Make sure you have someone besides all the time to take care of your other needs while you are taking care of your baby.


Most mothers feel alone. There are many household chores, kids homework, and a lot more to attend to. Once in a while, a mother needs assistance too especially from the husband. If you are a mom, don’t feel alone, have someone to talk to.

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When depression hits a mother, self-pity will be next. When self-pity strikes, it will lead to another bigger picture. When there is no one to look after your needs as a woman, self-pity will arise. To avoid this, unwind once in a while, treat yourself too. Go on a date with your partner, or if you are a single mom then go out with your friends or go to a spa. Breathe out all your fears and heartaches.

Traumatic Experiences

Once there a traumatic experienced in life, it can come back anytime. It can be a bad childhood experience, a regret, or anything that happened unwantedly. Release these negative thoughts, pray harder.


When everything seems to be awful, you will go burn out and feel distressed. It is like you are living in hell. Suicidal is very common to a distressed mom. It can be a lot messy, and even the aftermath will be very difficult especially to your loved ones who will lose you. People who have lost a loved one needs suicide cleanup Dallas for the cleaning of the crime scene, and you can find the address here. It will be a lot harder, so if you are thinking of the distress, cover it with all the blessings and think of happy thoughts, think of your lovely family.

Social Pressure

Social media, the school, the in-laws, and even in the church- there are lots of social pressure happening around. Whatever you do, someone will not be please, someone will be criticized, and someone will hate it. These criticisms are pushing a lot of mothers. If you are pissed too, keep your self away from these negative people, you don’t need them in your life. Save yourself from insanity.

Suicide is a massive issue in this world, especially to depressed moms. If your a mom, take care of yourself. Or if you know someone who might need to read this too, share it with them.

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