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8 Signs Christmas Is Coming to Town

Christmas is really in the corner, especially here in the Philippines where everyone is getting busy about the Holidays. So, let’s talk about more about these eight signs that Christmas is coming to town. But before anything else, let’s pause for a while and reminisce why and for whom we celebrate Christmas. Jesus, our Lord, is the real celebration of Christmas. It is his sacrifices and pureness that all of us are enjoying this season, so let’s not forget about that.

Here are the signs that Christmas is coming!

The Weather

Suddenly, you will feel the weather. There is a difference in the weather, it seems to be cold, but the smell is sweet smelling to the nose. If you are living in a mountainy place like Baguio, you will feel the odour of pine trees and the fresh breeze of the morning air will say hello to you. Speaking of Baguio, we will be heading there this Christmas, so see you there.

All Gliterry Stuff

You will notice that everything seems to be glittery and shiny. The Christmas lights are up on the road, and everything becomes festive and colourful. Even the clothes which are trendy are all glittery. It is like saying that Christmas is bout shining and brightening.

Heavy Traffic

Yes, no exception. Traffic is everywhere due to the Christmas rush. Everyone seems to be busy buying presents for their loved ones. Everyone is shopping around, from Divisoria to the malls. People seem to have lots of money as they are spending for this season.

More Sales and Promotions

Equal to the shopping rush, many sales and promotions are happening. Most huge sales and warehouse sale occurred during the Christmas season. People are addictive to sales during this season so they will be able to save money from spending on regular items. As we all know, Pinoys are very generous when it comes to gift giving but also, we are mindless of being frugal haha.

Everyone Seems To Be Kind

Yes, everyone is kind even the taxi drivers and the garbage collectors. It seems that it is nice to have a Christmas spirit all year round to see how generous the people are.

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong Are Cooking

I love the smell of freshly cooked bibingka and puto bumbong. If you haven’t tried, then you should. Christmas is not complete without the taste of both bibingka and puto bumbong with shredded coconut on top. Both are also partnered with salabat, or a ginger tea.

There You Go, You Hear Jose Mari Chan’s Song Everywhere

Yes, Jose Mari Chan’s voice is everywhere. You can hear it in the taxi, in the shopping mall, on the radio, just literally everywhere. This and other Christmas song, plus the kids who are knocking on your door singing Christmas carols is very pleasing.

Kids Are Wishing

You will hear your kids wishing for toys, clothes, gadgets, etc. Then if you listen to them wanting for a lot of things, then Christmas is coming.

Well, Christmas is a happy season. Even if you spend a lot of money during the celebration, you still go home with a happy heart. Just like what Jesus did for us, He sacrificed but go home glad.

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