In Real Life Live on Tour – SM North Annex

Do you think that IRL or In Real Life will be the next One Direction? Yeah, I’d thought that too. Because it reminds me of them. We all know that they’re not exactly as other boy bands. So, here we go.

Last Saturday, November 10, 2018, I was invited on In Real Life concert on SM North Annex. I had to admit that I had so much fun with them, I also got a chance to have a dinner with them. I’m the lucky one, right? I enjoyed the whole show and it was really nice to know them, they’re so kind and down to earth to all their die-hard fans.

When In Real Life started?

The five final vocalists from an American reality show competition in series of the boy band. The show premiered on June 22, 2017, on ABC.

Who are the members?

Let’s get started with my crush (ayyiiieee *as I started to feel giddy*) Well he is Chance Perez, he’s 21 years old and had a 2 yeard old cutie daughter her named is Brooklyn. According to In Real Life Philippines, Chance Perez got his love of music from his father who would sing to Chance and his sister in their small apartment when they were kids. Chance’s father died when Chance was just 8 years old and this left a hole in his heart. Now, Chance is a young father to his 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn, and he sings to her every night.

Chance knew he had to grow up fast and make life secure for his daughter, so he is a certified EMT studying to become a firefighter. However, Chance’s true passion is music, and he can’t pass up this opportunity to make a better life for Brooklyn.

Chance wears his father’s blue class ring on his finger. Chance graduated high school early and wasn’t able to receive a class ring so his mother gave Chance the ring when he graduated.

We have a picture. YAY!!!! HERE!


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Me trying to be artsy or something. . . #irlontour

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Next is Drew, I didn’t get a chance to take a selfie with him. But my first impression for him is he is like a little bit funny person. He likes hanging out with some fans. (I swear, I witnessed it before we started to eat our dinner)

Here are some of his pictures from his Instagram account.

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Young & Blessed.

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Next is Sergio Jr. Sergio Calderon had been experimenting with YouTube for a while. He set up a YouTube channel back on November 4, 2014. It received a lackluster response. Despite this, he was undaunted and set up a second channel on March 21, 2016, and began uploading videos four days later, accumulating a modest following. During this period, Sergio also regularly performed on Theatre Way in downtown Redwood City. – According to IRL Philippines.

I think he is the serious man for all of them. I love how he sings, he sings with passion. Honestly, all of them. He reminds me Bruno Mars in her appearance. Take a sneak in his photos below. (wink)


Let’s move on with Michael, he likes to rap and dance. He also sings well. I love his blue eyes. We had a selfie and had a chance to talk a little bit.


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Last, Brady, I think he is the youngest. He is a 16-year-old. Here are photos from his Instagram.

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romance 💘

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fried chicken date 🐔🥀

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This is what I love to them. They’re down to earth and they really love their fans. Here’s the photo showing that IRL singing with the special fan.

You can see joyful in their eyes. Most of the fans are teens and they’re giggling and cheering the boys over the stage.

After the show, we had a chance to have a dinner with them at SM North Annex – Barkadas. I’ve heard from one of the boys says he loves Filipino food which is he referring to adobo with salted egg. Here’s the photo from Ms. Claire.


Photo from Ms. Claire Santiago


So far, my favorite song from them is “Tonight Belongs to you”, I’ve heard all their songs and this song makes me cheering to them while at the show. I can say that I’m a fan now of In Real Life. You can see the song below that I’m talking about.


Just follow them on their social media pages to know more about them! Yay!





Have you heard about In Real Life? What is your favorite song so far?

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