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Reasons Why You Have to Switch to Menstrual Cup.

Monthly period is the sick-day to a woman. What do you feel when you have your period? Are you a wifezilla? Or a behave mom? If you are a wifezilla, welcome to the club.

Lately, I discovered this thing shape like a bell and they called it Menstrual Cup and I researched all about menstrual cup of what is the best brand, how to use, how to clean etc., So, I’ve tried it myself to feed my curiosity and I can say that it totally worked for me you will feel nothing, when you wear it.

What is the best Brand of Menstrual Cup?

Based on my research, Anytime Menstrual Cup is one of the best brand to use. It’s bit pricey at the first but you can use it of the entire year.

What is Menstrual Cup?

A Menstrual Cup is a feminine hygiene product is that inserted into vagina during menstruation. It’s purpose is to prevent menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining) from leaking onto clothes. This is according toΒ Wikipedia.

Menstrual Cup is made from silicon and it has different colors that you can choose. And it has different sizes.

How to know my size?

Two types of icare menstrual cup fits best various physical features of the vagina regarding anatomy and age.

Type 1 with its 43mm diameter is recommended for women under age 25.Β 

Type 2 having 47mm diameter is recommended for women who already have given birth in a natural way and for women over the age of 25.Β 

I get the Type 2 because I already have given birth twice.

How to insert?

So here we goes… You don’t have to be worry because it will go in slowly easy peasy, believe me, I’ve been there too worrying if it will go through my inside. But when I do, it’s not hard as you think. I tried these two options and the second option work for me.

1. Folded in half. (C-shape)

Pinch the middle of upper silicone ring by your index and thumb finger. Then fold it in half.

2. Pushed Inside

Hold the tampon between your thumb and third finger. Push inwards the silicin ring deeply at point by your index finger. Then keep right and left side pushed strongly together by your index and thumb finger.

After you inserted, wait for the “pop”! If the “pop” thing not happened, change the way you insert it or try another way to insert.


How to remove?

In a relax position, you have to pull the stem side by side, slowly but surely it will be out soon. Sometimes, you will feel the suction but you don’t have to be worry just keep pulling the stem side by side until it out.


How to clean?

Every after use, wash it with warm water and unscented soap. Rinse it throughly and you can insert it again.

After your period, soak the menstrual cup in hot water in 5 mins, then you can restore it again for your next period.

How much it cost?

Anytime Menstrual cup is priced at P700 pesos. I bought it from BeautyMNL.

Why I switch to Menstrual Cup?

My first reason is, I want to be eco-friendly this year 2019, imagine I can use this cup for 1 year unlike using pads it’s a another waste that will go to the landfil or ocean. Whenever I have my period, I feel so lazy all day, and feel sick, I don’t want to go to the restroom every 2 hours to change my pads. And it’s irritate my skin as well. While using the menstrual cup, I can wear it up to 8 hours based on my experience.


So, are you using a Menstrual Cup? What’s your thought about using it?


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