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DIY Hair Color Using Loreal Paris Rose Gold.

Disclaimer: For first timer, please perform the skin allergy test  48 hours before use this product. Although you have previously use a hair colorant. 


DIY hair color at home is not new to me. My mom and I do DIY Hair Color for years we do it by ourselves and we don’t go to salon, usually some of you are going to a hair salon to have a hair color or treatment.

Last year, I’ve seen the video of Sarah Labhati from Loreal Paris Facebook Page that she used the Loreal Paris Rose Gold without bleaching her hair. I’m amazed of that because I’m not into a DIY hair bleaching, I’m a bit worry to try it myself. I’ve seen some question on the comments on how to achieve it, glad that Loreal Paris Facebook Page respond quickly and informative about the color guide of your hair before you use their product.


Rose Gold Color Guide

This photo is from Loreal Paris Facebook Page.

My hair before using Loreal Paris Rose Gold

My last hair color was on May or June, around those month. In these photos you will see that my hair color becoming black from the roots. BTW, my mom did color my hair.

This is my hair after used 1 Box of Loreal Paris Rose Gold.

My mom wasn’t satisfied because we only used one box of it. This is my hair right after I rinse it.

My hair after 24 hours

As you can see, my hair becoming like a rose gold or brown or something like that. But my mom still not satisfied so I go to the SM Beauty Store to buy another box of Loreal Paris Rose Gold.


Yay! Finally! I loved my hair after using 2 boxes of Loreal Paris Rose Gold.

Here is some my photo when we were outdoor. Its getting fade day by day.


What will you get in a box?

The Elements

1. Protective Pre-color Serum.

2. Protective Crème Colorant.

3. Crème Developer and Comb Applicator

4. Protecrive Conditioner.

5. High Quality Gloves.



How to use it?

The Pre-color Care

Use on Dry and Unwashed hair.

Squezeze generous dose of the protective pre serum into the hand and apply it to the lenghts and ends of your hair and leave in 30mins.

The Color Mix

Cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothing and wear your gloves.

1. Mix the Crème Colourant into the Developer Bottle. The shake it well.

2. Twist off tip of the applicator after mixing. You can choose to use the comb. It glides easily through your hair.

Option 1: Apply All Over

1. Apply color mixture first to your roots and stubborn greys. Put your hair into small, even section using the applicator tip. Then spread it all through the hair.

2. Massage mixture all through hair until fully saturated. And let it develop for 40 mins.

3. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and apply the Protective Conditioner. Leave it for 2 mins and rinse.

Option 2: Color Touch-Up

1. Apply mixture color to your roots. Part your hair into small sections using the applicator tip then massage. Let it develop for 20 mins.

2. Color the Lengths of your hair. Let it develop for 10 mins.

3. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and apply the Protective Conditioner and leave it for 2 mins then rinse.

When I apply the another box, I repeat the Option 1. And this is the result, you can see my photos on indoor and outdoor.


How much and Where I can buy?

I bought it when it is sale at P299 pesos. The regular price is P399 pesos. I bought it at SM Beauty Store.

My review about the product.

Some of colorant hair are itchy while applying the mixture color on hair. Loreal Paris Rose Gold is amazing, and it’s not itchy and hot on scalp. The smell is not too strong unlike the other colorant hair I used. It’s my first time to use this Loreal Paris Rose Gold. It’s pricey but it’s really worth it.


Have you tried the Loreal Paris Rose Gold? You can share your picture after you used it on comment below.


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